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Since most high school students continue to be challenged by remote or online learning, we strive to keep everyone informed.

Accommodations by CWU include:

  • Block Schedule availability
    • Several schools have approached us with a request for CWU to accommodate their district directive to split their normal semester schedule in half, and offer block classes.
    • After serious deliberations, the CWU Registrar has approved this modification for the 2020-21 academic year. See Block Schedule Deadlines
    • "Block Schedule" is an adaptation which is designed to allow for full delivery of academic material to meet learning objectives as agreed upon with the academic liaisons. The registration, withdrawal, and grading deadlines schedule is tight.
    • The dates are close together, leaving no grace period for late registrations or delayed grades. Adhering to the schedule is critically important, especially if the class is a prerequisite for other classes. Students cannot be enrolled, for instance, in English 102, if the grades for English 101 have not been submitted.
    • We must be notified in writing, in advance of a school using this schedule. Every effort will be made by the CiHS staff to promptly respond to inquiries and process registrations in this newly added structure.
    • Please notify High School Partnerships directly if you will take advantage of this accommodation by email as soon as possible. Thank you.
  • Math Prerequisite Alternative

    A new option for this year includes a version of the Math COU for an entire class.

    • This 2020-2021 Math Alternative Pre-req form must be submitted with class registrations for Math 101, 102, 130,153,154,172 and 211, for students that won't be registered using the prerequisites listed in the Course Descriptions and Prerequisites Guide (found in Forms).
    • A transcript for each student, showing all terms of math classes and grades for last year (2019-20) must accompany the registrations, along with the appropriate syllabus and roster.
  • Spring 2021 Course Plan of Action

    All classes to be offered for Spring 2021 must be approved before registrations can be processed.

    Teachers need to connect at this link and fill in the Course Plan of Action questionnaire for Spring. The responses are processed and approved by the academic liaisons. After approval, classes may be presented.

    This is to ensure that classes that are taught through a remote/online or hybrid model will still meet the learning objectives as stipulated by CWU.

  • Accuplacer Accepts Proctoring Options

    If your school is equipped to offer the Accuplacer through the CWU Testing Center, you have three options for test delivery:

    In Person

    • Administer the exam in person. This is the option most schools are taking.
    • Smaller groups in larger rooms, to observe social distancing
    • Don’t have to learn a new system
    • Can complete all the testing faster
    • Consider asking your Para-pros to become Proctors. This would allow you to set up more testing sessions with smaller groups.

    Remote, Using Your Staff

    • Use ZOOM to administer the exams remotely.
    • You or other staff members would have to proctor the exams, and it takes some time to train people up for remote proctoring
    • We recommend only testing 4 at a time.
    • You have to create vouchers for each individual student
    • Then create a ZOOM “meeting” and invite the 4 students

    Remote, Using a Service

    • Use Examity to administer the exams remotely
    • This is the Accuplacer approved remote testing company
    • The good thing is that they do they proctoring
    • But you have to review video for cheaters
    • There is an extra cost to use Examity. You’ll have to decide if your school will pay the cost, or the students.
    • The cost is $25 per student (in addition to the usual test fee).

    For more detailed information please contact Bill (William) Thelen at the CWU Testing Center.

  • Emergency Pass/Emergency Fail Grading Option

    This grading option will be available (pending approval for each term) for the 2020-2021 academic year.

    This applies to all courses taught through CWU College in the High School. The system works as follows:

    • First, instructors are to enter grades like any other quarter.
    • Second, students may opt into converting their letter grade to EP/EF on a course-by-course basis. A grade of EP is for letter grades of C- or better. A grade of EF is for letter grades below C-.
    • It will be up to the student to initiate the request for EP/EF.
    • Students are highly encouraged to check with their academic advisor before choosing the EP/EF option, to determine if this is the best option for their academic goals.
    • Students have the responsibility to make the request by submitting the form, and will have three days after grades are due to request the EP/EF using this fillable/printable pdf form.
    • Additional information from CWU, geared toward full-time matriculated CWU students, is found on the EP/EF Info Guide. CiHS students and teachers need to be aware that some of the information included in this guide will not apply to College in the High School participants.

    UPDATE: Emergency Pass/Emergency Fail grading option is available for Spring.

    Spring Course EP/EF form submission deadlines are as follows:

    Term Grades due by: EP/EF form due:
    Spring Trimester 6/18/202:1 6/23/2021
    Spring Quarter 6/8/2021 6/11/2021
    Block 3 4/9/2021 4/14/2021
    Block 4 6/18/2021 6/23/2021
    Spring Semester 6/18/2021 6/23/2021

    Winter Course EP/EF form submission deadlines as follows:

    Winter TERM Grades due by EP/EF form due
    Winter Trimester 3/26/21 3/31/21
    Winter Quarter 3/16/21 3/19/21
    Block 2 2/5/21 2/10/21
      Fall Grade Deadlines
      Term Grades Due by 5:00 p.m. EP/EF Form Due
      Fall Semester 1/29/21 2/3
      Fall Trimester 11/27/20 12/2
      Fall Quarter 12/8/20 12/11
      Fall Block Schedule 11/13/20 11/18
      • Any form submitted after the due date above will not be processed and the final grade will stand. The form can be completed electronically and emailed to
    • Guidance on reopening from the OSPI and additional agencies

      In the context of dual credit and preparing for postsecondary enrollment, K–12 and postsecondary institutions have a shared responsibility to students. It will require collaboration at local, regional, and state levels to ensure students are aware of their options and supported in their decisions. While building student supports, rely on partners to help lighten the load on building awareness, readiness, and support for students in dual credit and postsecondary planning.

      Read the Reopening Washington Schools 2020: Dual Credit and Postsecondary Planning report.