College in the High School
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CWU Responsibilities to Student and School Partners

The High School Partnerships team at CWU provides administrative expertise and classroom support, as we navigate the pathways together.

  1. Offer authorized and approved CWU courses at high school locations, taught by approved instructors.
  2. Determine final teacher appointment for each course.
  3. Provide a College in the High School or Cornerstone Registration Form for participating students. Appropriate placement testing scores may be required. Please see "Course Descriptions and Prerequisites" in Forms for official requirements for all courses. Students will be admitted as non-degree seeking, non-matriculated students.
  4. Provide clear documentation of academic expectations for students enrolled in each approved course offered at the high school location. The documentation will provide guidelines, as delineated by the course syllabus, for College in the High School/Cornerstone students taking college courses.
  5. Coordinate team/individual meetings with school district teacher(s) to ensure adherence to syllabi and expected rate of student progress.
  6. Provide recommendations to remedy any inadequate teacher performance issues to the designated high school official within 60 days of classroom observation.
  7. Remove from the program any instructors who have failed to comply with College in the High School/Cornerstone policies or procedures. Noncompliance issues will be handled in consultation with the School District.
  8. Arrange to have each participating instructor evaluated using the CWU evaluation process.
  9. Solicit input from participating instructors appropriate for development of course final exam.
  10. Provide each student the opportunity to visit the CWU campus upon mutual agreement between the School District and CWU.
  11. Provide each eligible student with a CWU student ID card if requested.
  12. Send a one-time administrative reimbursement to the School District at the end of the academic year, based on the following:
    • Based on end of term enrollments, CWU recognizes that some of the duties connected to this program can require more work.
    • The administrative reimbursement will be paid in the amount of $35 per student, up to 15 students per period.
    • Based on the Interlocal Agreement with each District, different restrictions on the reimbursement may apply.
  13. Send school district yearly Interlocal Agreement. See "Sample ILA" in Forms.