College in the High School
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Administration Role

Administrators and/or school counselors are supported by this additional information, which helps their students as they embark on the transition from high school to college.

Primary Contact

Designate a primary contact person for managing registrations. An office administrator or school counselor is a good choice. This individual will take responsibility for seeing that registration forms are completed appropriately and deadlines are met. It is beneficial for that individual to attend Summer Institute and receive guidance about CWU processes, including administration, registration, financials, and regulations from state and national entities regarding dual enrollment.

Depending on the size of your district, and how many schools in the district are offering College in the High School, one point of contact at each school may be more efficient than one point of contact for the entire district.

Interlocal Agreement

The Interlocal Agreement (ILA) is a one-year contract between the school/district and CWU/High School Partnerships. The ILA describes the program and includes the details regarding:

  • Classes to be offered
  • Approved teachers
  • Type and dates of school terms
  • Third-party payments if applicable
  • Points of contact
  • Partner responsibilities
  • And additional details

When districts sign their yearly Interlocal Agreement (ILA), they choose whether they want to collect the fees and CWU will bill the district or if they want CWU to bill the students directly. Since fall 2016, ILAs have been one year contracts. ILAs are sent out in early spring for the upcoming school year. CWU uses the digital format Docusign for this process. Signed ILAs must be returned before registrations will be accepted. This contract covers both the Cornerstone and CES Dual Credit Grant funding models. See Sample ILA in Administrator Forms

Monthly Reports

Monthly reports are sent to designated personnel in both your school district and high school and provide very important information for your program. Each month, we send out a list of Cornerstone enrollments and a separate report for CES Dual Credit Grant enrollments. District administration needs to confirm with the teachers that your class lists and ours are the same, and notify us of any discrepancies. If you have had enrollment changes, you must contact us immediately. The reports are emailed between the 1st and the 8th of each month.

Payment Models

CES Dual Credit Grant

  • Invoices to the District for CES Dual Credit Grant classes are generated for time periods spanning September-December (CWU Fall quarter), January-March (CWU Winter quarter), and April-June (CWU Spring quarter). Therefore, schools will receive three CES Dual Credit Grant invoices during the school year.
  • Cornerstone classes will on be on the invoice if there are additional students funded by a different source (such as a WSAC grant, CWU Gear-Up, etc.) or if the school chooses to collect and process all of the individual student fees as a “third party contractor” (TPC), as specified in the ILA.


  • Students responsible for tuition fees (Cornerstone) will be billed directly if indicated on the ILA as such.
  • Students enrolled in Cornerstone will receive a bill during the first week or two of each month. A return envelope is included for those who elect to pay via check.
  • Interest fees (1% of balance) will accrue 60 days from the date the charge(s) was/were posted. If the invoice is not fully paid the principal will continue to accrue interest monthly until the invoice is fully paid (interest is based on the principal balance. For example, if you owe $275.00 then $2.75 is added each month the invoice is not paid after 60 days). Interest fees may be waived in extenuating circumstances, however, a formal application process must be followed. (This is a student accounts process and we have no ability to intervene.)
  • Students with accounts falling more than one academic year behind will be prohibited from registering for classes, per CWU policy.

Accuplacer Testing Fees

If your school/district is set up as an Accuplacer Test site through CWU, we receive information regarding students that were tested from the CWU Testing Center. Learn more about Accuplacer testing through CWU.

We submit a spreadsheet to your district and request certain (not student specific) FRLP data in order to adjust the charges. Once that is complete, the school or district is invoiced.

Summer Institute: Professional Development

All partners are invited to attend Summer Institute for a day of professional development and peer networking. New teachers are required to attend, returning teachers must attend every third year (or more often) and school and district administrators are encouraged to attend and create a stronger team.

Questions about invoices, payments, etc. can be directed by email to our Fiscal Specialist.

School and District Administration Responsibilities

Forms for Administrators

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  • State Grant for College in the High School

    The Washington State OSPI has grants available. iGrants are an internet based system to collect data for federal and state grants and reports.

    Washington State OSPI is accepting applications for the Consolidated Equity and Sustainability (CES) Dual Credit Grant awards for 2021-22 until August 11, 2021 (UPDATED). After awards are designated, additional information will be available here.

    Visit the OSPI I-Grants website for full information regarding available funding, get a log-in, and apply for monies to support your schools’ CIHS courses.

    For the Consolidated Equity and Sustainability Dual Credit grant, complete the form and be sure to list and any all classes which you are eligible to offer. Additional grants may be available to assist your school or programs at your school.

    Schools that cover the cost of the credits through the iGrant or other funding will receive a bill once all grades have been entered each term. Each month our fiscal specialist sends out enrollment reports. These reports are very important to review to make sure students are in the correct billing file (CES Grant or Cornerstone [self-pay]). The importance of reviewing these reports cannot be stressed enough. Please contact our fiscal specialist for any questions.

    2022-22 Subsidy Information is a link to a downloadable spreadsheet for state iGrant funding for CiHS. (Information will be updated once awards are decided by OSPI.)

  • NACEP Accreditation

    The National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) works to ensure that college courses offered by high school teachers are as rigorous as courses offered on the sponsoring college campus by implementing standards.

    Additional information on NACEP accreditation

    About NACEP (external links)