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Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)

Student Leadership, Involvement, and Community Engagement strives to create a holistic collegiate experience through co-curricular student club and organization focused opportunities that foster passion exploration, leadership development and the cultivation of habits of lifelong learning. It is the goal of student clubs and organizations to provide avenues for personal, professional, intellectual, and social growth in an ever-expanding collaborative environment.

Club Database: CWU Presence

  • Need to register a new club? Check out our Policy & Recognition page for all information on starting up a new organization. Please contact for more details on starting a new club!
  • Need Presence system support? Visit the 'Presence Supplemental Materials Page' presence supplemental materials for useful guide documents and video walkthroughs to help you navigate the system.
  • Please see the Club Events page Club Events page for information and tips for planning events and meetings.

2022 Registered Student Organizations (RSO) Handbook: RSO Handbook

Support and management of Registered Student Organizations is primarily overseen by Student Leadership, Involvement and Community Engagement (SLICE), with support from the Diversity and Equity Center, Campus Recreation, Westside Student Life, Associated Students of Central Washington University (ASCWU) and faculty/staff advisors of RSOs.

Upcoming Events for Registered Student Organizations

RSO Championships Week

Team up with your club for the first EVER weeklong competition amongst clubs and organizations!!

Week of February 6th– 10th 2023

RSO Championships week will include events and competitions amongst RSOs. We hope you will engage in some friendly competition for the title of the first-ever RSO Champions! Each event will earn your club points towards one of a few prizes at the end of the week, and you can earn points just by participating in the following events:

Throughout the Week - BANNER COMPETITION

Decorate a 3’x5’ polyester banner (must use the one provided by SLICE) with the theme of your club to be hung in the SURC throughout RSO Championships week.

  • Banners Available for Pick-Up:

Starting Monday January 23 during SLICE’s open hours (M-F 8am-5pm)

  • Banners DUE to SURC 250 to be entered in the competition:

No later than Monday, February 6th before 12PM

  • Instructions:

Pick-up a blank banner from the SLICE office and take it back to your club to decorate and represent your club! Turn the decorated banner to the SLICE office by the deadline and they will be hung in the SURC for the CWU community to vote for their favorite banner.

  • Voting:

A QR code to a voting form will posted in the SURC and outside SURC 250. Any CWU student, faculty, or staff can vote for their favorite banner through Thursday, February 9th at 5pm.

  • Workdays with SLICE (Supplies provided):

Drop in any time to SURC 137 on Friday January 27th and/or Friday February 3rd between 10am-3pm.

Banner Competition winners will receive:

1st Place: 100 Points and Featured on the SLICE Instagram

2nd Place: 75 Points and Featured on the SLICE Instagram

3rd Place: 50 Points and Featured on the SLICE Instagram

Any Participating Teams: 25 Points

VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE BANNER (voting opens February 6th at 12:00pm)

Throughout the Week - SCAVENGER HUNT

  • Instructions:

​​​​​​​Go around campus with your club and take a photo at the following locations with a minimum of TWO (2) club members and your club’s runner visible in the photo. First RSO to upload all three photos to the Microsoft form found on wins first place!

  • Last Day to send photos:

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Wednesday, February 8th before 5PM.

SUBMIT YOUR CLUB'S PHOTOS TO THE SCAVENGER HUNT (open for submissions starting February 6th at 8:00am)

Scavenger Hunt Winners will receive:

1st Place: 100 Points and Featured on the SLICE Instagram

2nd Place: 75 Points and Featured on the SLICE Instagram

3rd Place: 50 Points and Featured on the SLICE Instagram

Any Participating Teams: 25 Points

Tuesday, February 7th - TRIVIA NIGHT

  • When:


  • Where:

SURC Theatre

  • Instructions:

Show up with your club and play some jeopardy style trivia!


Trivia Night winners will receive:

1st Place: 100 Points and Featured on the SLICE Instagram

2nd Place: 75 Points and Featured on the SLICE Instagram

3rd Place: 50 Points and Featured on the SLICE Instagram

Any Participating Teams: 25 Points

Thursday, February 9th – Crafting Compassion Service Event

  • When:


  • Where:

SURC 271

  • Instructions:

Join SLICE for an afternoon of service! All clubs participating will receive 50 points towards their overall score! All students will also receive 1 service hour for participating.


Friday, February 10th - GYM NIGHT

Come out to the Rec center for a night of physical competition where we will announce the first-ever RSO Champions!!

  • When:


  • Where:

Recreation Center - Court D

  • Instructions:

Come to the Recreation center and team up with your club for a night of physical competition.

Every Participating earns 25 points!

Every game won earns your club 50 points!



1st place: Free Hype Package! (Worth $200)

2nd place: Club Pizza Party! (For up to 20 club members)

3rd Place: SURC + AV Cart Coupon (Free standard A/V cart usage in the SURC for 2 meetings, worth $75)

  • Upcoming Club Council Events

    Information on Club Council meetings for Winter 2023 will be posted soon.

    Please see the above for information on upcoming RSO Officer Trainings!

Organization Councils

Equity and Service Organizations

CWU Equity Organizations are Student Groups that represent specific cultural populations, and/or serve to advocate for general equity, diversity, and inclusivity. CWU Organizations are supported by the Diversity & Equity Center and the ASCWU Vice President of Equity and Community Affairs. Find more information on ASCWU's Website. ASCWU's website.

  • Equity & Service Organizations are supported by the Diversity and Equity Center and ASCWU Director of Multicultural Affairs.
  • Equity & Service Organizations are Registered Student Organizations that represent, serve, and advocate for specific populations. The organization must be able to articulate how it meets the shared mission of advocating for equity, diversity, and inclusivity.
  • In order to transition an RSO into an organization under the Equity & Services Council, the organization must be an active, registered organization for one academic year. A representative from the organization must attend and be an active member in the Equity & Service Council weekly meetings as a non-voting member for a full academic year. (This process may be done simultaneously, an organization may apply and complete the process to become an ESC organization within their first registered, active year).

Sport Club Council

CWU Collegiate Sport Clubs are Student Groups centered around regular practices with the goal of competing in exhibitions, competitions, and tournaments on an inter-collegiate level. CWU Sport Clubs are supported by the CWU Recreation Department. Find more information on Recreation's Website. CWU Recreation Sport Clubs website.

In order to become a Sport Club, the organization’s mission and purpose must be directly relate to the desired competitive sport. Students must demonstrate a desire for competition and work with CWU Recreation to establish the possibility of transitioning into a CWU Sport Club.