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Funding and Accounting

ICA Funding

This section is your starting point for accessing funding from the Inter Club Association funding pot. Learn if you are eligible to request funds, what ICA funds can be used for, and how to apply for funding below.

  • Funding Eligibility/Allowable Funding Expenses and Limitations

    Eligibility for ICA Funds

    Recognized active ICA Student Clubs in good standing who are categorized as ‘Funded’ and have been active for at least one quarter (10 weeks) are eligible to apply for ICA Club Funding.

    Allowable Funding Expenses and Limitations

    • ICA Funds may not be used to generate a profit. Any profit accrued must be returned to the ICA funding pot.
    • Any personal items purchased with ICA funds for club members such as T-shirts, or club equipment must be logged with Student Involvement and must be returned in between academic years for future club use. Items may not be kept for personal use. (Note this is only for ICA funds. Items purchased through club fundraising, donations, or dues may be utilized in whatever manner the club deems fit).
    • ICA funds may not currently be used to travel.
    • ICA funds may not be put toward any item or activity that is associated with or holds academic credit. (textbooks, research equipment, credit related travel expenses).
    • ICA funds may not be used for club membership dues to larger external affiliations.
    • ICA Funds may not be used for any sort of charitable donation.
    • ICA Funds may not be used to purchase alcohol of any kind.
    • All awarded funds are subject to review and purchasing either though SURC Accounting or Student Involvement. No funds awarded will be directly deposited into an individual club ledger.
  • Applying for ICA Funding

    Follow these steps to apply for ICA funding

    1. Complete the ICA Funds Council Request Form.
    ICA Funds Council Request Form
    This form is the first step in the funding request process and requires basic club information, a proposed budget, and an explanation of what the funding will be used for.

    2. Schedule a Funds Request Consultation (Optional)
    This optional consultation allows clubs to meet with a Student Engagement Team Member to discuss and look over their funds request and/or presentation for any discrepancies, areas of improvement, or as just one last check before presenting. These consultations can be scheduled before finishing the Funds Council Request Form above, during its creation or your presentation's creation, or after everything has been completed and submitted.

    If you have not opted into the consultation via the funding form contact the Student Engagement Coorindator at if you would like to schedule a funding request consultation.

    3. Funding Review
    After submitting your Funds Council Request Form, your request will be reviewed by SURC Accounting and Student Involvement against the Funding Criteria Rubric obtaining 16 out of 24 possible points will result in approval of the funding request.

    4. Post-Review Purchasing Meetings (if applicable)
    If your club does receive funding from Club Council, you can schedule a purchasing meeting to pre-pay for any items or services that your club plans to use in the future like hotels, flights, CWU motor pool, etc. Please note, pre-purchases cannot be made for items or services with variable/changing prices like Uber, Lyft, etc.

    Please contact the Student Engagement Coordinator at to schedule a Purchasing Meeting.

    5. Report Back
    After your club uses the funds you were allocated by Funds Council, you are also required to complete a Report Back Submission. This is a quick description of your funds usage to help Club Council see and have records of how the funds were actually utilized and to display all of the great things your clubs are doing through successful planning and execution!

    6. Reimbursement (if applicable)
    If your club wants to be reimbursed for any purchases you've made with your own personal or club account money, you must fill out an Expense Report to show records of all your club's expenses along with all itemized receipts of your transactions. Please contact to help with this process.

SURC Accounting and Club Accounts

SURC Accounting
SURC Accounting provides accounting/banking services to both Clubs and Organizations on campus. SURC Accounting is located in SURC 250 and is open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.

  • Deposits/Reimbursements


    • A deposit form needs to be filled out by the club/org member and a SURC Accounting staff will count the deposit and verify amount at the transaction window. Any differences in the amount of the deposit will be resolved prior to accepting the deposit.
    • Checks should be endorsed with the Club/Org name.
    • SURC Accounting will fill out a Receipt of Deposit form. A detailed description of what the deposit is for is needed (e.g. name of fundraiser, dues with person’s name, etc.). A goldenrod copy of the deposit slip will be given to the depositor at the end of the transaction for the Club/Org records.

    *International coins will be taken out of the deposit amount and will not be credited to the club/Org account.


    • Two signers must sign for the withdrawal of cash for reimbursement. Forms must be signed at the SURC Accounting office, forms cannot leave the office.
    • Picture Identification in the form of CWU Connection Card or issued by a Government Agency is required for identification of both signers and the individual receiving the cash payment.
    • Reimbursement must be accompanied by receipts¹ or documentation for the reimbursement. If the transaction is for less than the total of the receipts it must be made clear what amounts are being reimbursed.
  • Requesting Checks/Cash Advances

    Requesting a Check

    • A check request is required for large purchases or services provided and cash advances over the amount of $300.
    • An address is required on all checks cut by the university.
    • Payment to an individual for services for any amount requires an invoice or an A-19 & W-9 for tax purposes and a contract. A-19 and W-9 are available in SURC Accounting. The contract process can be started via the event process in Student Involvement.

    Cash Advances

    • Two signers must sign for the withdrawal of cash for reimbursement. Forms must be signed at SURC Accounting Office, forms cannot leave the office.
    • A Statement to Receive Check/Cash Advance must be filled out indicating the reason for the advance, amount requested, where/how funds will be used, and contact information.
    • Picture identification in the form of CWU Connection Card or issued by Government Agency is required for identification of both signers and the individual receiving the advance.
    • The receiving party is responsible for submitting receipts or documentation for the advance within seven calendar days of the receipt of advance (If the advance is for travel or event, receipts are due seven calendar days from return from travel or the end of the event).

    Cash Advance Policy Notes

    • If the full amount of the advance is not used, any unused funds must be redeposited into the Club/Org account.
    • When you are redepositing funds, notify the accounting clerk that the funds are a redeposit of an earlier advance.
    • Club/Org cash withdrawals have a limit of $300.00 per day per Club/Org.
    • An Authorized Signer cannot authorize their own expenses.
    • For advances greater than $300.00, a check will have to be cut and an expense form filled out, however, the requirements for the advance will be the same as that of a cash advance. Checks require a 3 day minimum processing period after the second signature is received, checks will be mailed unless you’ve stated otherwise.
  • Transfers

    Club to Club Transfers

    To transfer funds from one Club/Org to another Club/Org, an expense form must be completed through SURC accounting and signed by two signatories from the Club/Org who is transferring the funds out of their account.

    Club to Department Transfers (Payment for an On Campus Service)

    • Payments for on-Campus services such as the Scheduling Center, Duplicating, Publicity, Dining and Catering must be arranged with each office and an estimate or invoice must be submitted to SURC Accounting.
    • An expense form must be completed and proof of funds available returned to the office the club is seeking services with.
    • Clubs are responsible for following through on arrangements for services, including changes in orders, cancellations, pick-ups, etc. Once services are completed, final charges will be sent directly to SURC Accounting and club ledgers will be updated accordingly.

    *Motorpool: Clubs do not have to get an estimate at Motorpool. Please come directly to SURC Accounting for an estimate, completion of an expense form, and online submission of the Motorpool request.