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Climbing Wall


Dylan Holden

DylanPosition: Climbing Wall Manager

Major: Accounting



Jesse Pieters

Position: Climbing Wall Instructor

Major: Geology with a minor in graphic design

Background: I have lived in Ellensburg my entire life, living here is one of the reasons I love being outdoors so much. I absolutely love everything living. I find that with heart instinct and a little wizardry you can do anything. I also love making new friends so don't be scared to say hello :D


Taylor Wehr

Position: Head Route Setter

Major: Integrated Energy Management and Geography

Fav place to climb: Definitely bouldering in Leavenworth.  I love the feeling of not having any ropes tie me down. 


Kenon Jeffers

Major: Studio Art

Favorite place to climb: Sunshine Wall
Why I love climbing: I really enjoy the physical and mental challenge. It is physically engaging and makes me need to think through exactly what I'm doing and what I'm capable of. It also makes need to think critically and problem solve. In a way, it is like solving a puzzle. Plus, it's always exciting when I can see myself progressing and getting better.


Shay LaPierre

Major: I’m majoring in Film Production, I’m focusing on Cinematographyas well as Minoring in Theater/Lighting Technology.

Favorite place to climb: Nowhere specific. I’m happy as long as I can climb.

Why you love climbing: Oddly enough, I find climbing relaxing, it makes the daily stress disappear for a bit so I can challenge myself mentally and physically on problems that I’ve never done before. I like pushing myself beyond my limits and rock climbing is the best way to do it.


Derek Dow

Major: Aviation Management

Favorite place to climb: Frenchmen Coulees
Why I climb: I love the adrenaline rush from taking a gnarly whipper.



Conor Schmidt

Major: Criminal Law and Justice

Favorite Place To Climb: CWU Rock Wall




Bryan Kennedy

Major: Mechanical Engineering Technology

Fav Place to climb: North Cascades, anywhere new

Why I love climbing: Challenge, feeling of accomplishment, great views

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