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Climbing Wall

Courses for Credit

PE 115 Beginning Climbing (1 credit)

Looking for a new activity to try next quarter?  Beginning Climbing is the perfect opportunity to try indoor climbing and push yourself to new heights each week.  You will learn basic climbing technique as well as how to belay a partner on Top Rope.  Class activities include Top Rope climbing and Bouldering (Climbing below 15 ft without a rope).  You may take Beginning Climbing up to three times for credit.

Prerequisites: None! The first day of class could be your first time in a climbing wall.

Course Fee: $25 (to be paid as an extra fee with your tuition to the registrar)

Spring 2014 Schedule:
Wed 10 -10:50 am*           Section 001 
Wed 11 -11:50 am*           Section 001 
Fri 10 - 10:50 am *             Section 002 
Fri 11 - 11:50 am *             Section 002 
*Courses are scheduled in two hour sections.  You will be required to attend for one hour of this time.  You will also be required to spend one additional hour of climbing during Open Hours each week outside of your scheduled hour.

PE 116 Intermediate Climbing (1 credit)

This class is designed for those who are getting serious about the sport of climbing. In this class you will learn lead climbing skills, more advanced climbing techniques and other skills that will help you prepare to take your love of climbing outside.  You may take Intermediate Climbing up to three times for credit.  You may also register for the intermediate Climbing class through OPR if you do not wish to receive college credit.

Prerequisites:You must be Top Rope Belay certified and be comfortable climbing to the top of the 50 ft wall with no falls or breaks.  

If you meet these requirements and have not taken PE 115, you will need to get instructor permission to register for the class.  See contact information below.

Course Fee: $45 (to be paid to OPR)

Spring 2014 Schedule:
Wed 3 - 5 pm                       Section 001

PE 220 Climbing Wall Instructor (2 credits)

This class is for experienced climbers who want to share their passion for climbing through teaching or want to work in the Climbing Wall Industry.  In this class, you will learn how to instruct technical and movement skills through hands on practice as well as how to manage risks in an indoor climbing wall.  A successful student in the Climbing Wall Instructor Class will receive a Climbing Wall Instructor certification from the Professional Climbing Instructors Association.  This certification is a requirement for all CWU climbing staff.

Climbing Wall Instructor:  You must be belay certified and comfortable top roping a 5.9

Climbing Wall Instructor Lead: You must be lead certified and comfortable leading a 5.8

Course Fee: $95 (to be paid to OPR)

Next offered: April 11 - 13, 2014

How to to register:

Open registration for CWU students will begin February 10 at 12 pm in OPR.  You must register and pay in person to reserve your spot.

Open registration for the public will begin February 21

When you register at OPR indicate whether you would like to receive credit for the class.  Those wishing to receive credit will automatically be registered for PE 220 through the registrar.

The class limit is 12 participants so sign up as soon as possible to reserve your spot.




For more information on registering for a climbing PE class, contact Emily Wright at