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Climbing Wall

The University Recreation Climbing Wall stands 50-feet at its highest point and offers climbers an excellent mental and physical workout.  Click here to see pictures of our events and facilities! Three types of climbing are offered at the Climbing Wall:

Bouldering: un-roped climbing below the 14-foot designated bouldering height.

Top-Rope Climbing: a format of climbing in which a climber's rope runs through an anchor at the top of the wall, with one end of the rope tied off to the climber and the other controlled by a belayer (who controls the climber's rope toClimber on Rock Wall avoid him/her from falling) at the base. No experience is required to try Top-Rope Climbing, however if you would like to learn to belay, we offer clinics and certifications.

Lead Climbing: a more advanced form of climbing. If you are interested in learning more, take our Lead Clinic.

Private Instruction 

CWU Private Instruction for Climbing

(1 Hour)
SingleGroup 2-6ppl
1 hour$ 20.00$ 15.00
2 hour$ 35.00$ 20.00




Climbing Classes
Whether you are new to climbing or you have been doing it for years, the CWU Climbing Wall offers clinics and classes that will suit your needs. We offer one to two day clinics on technical skills and movement technique for many levels of experience as well as quarter-long classes, such as Beginning Climbing, Intermediate Climbing and Climbing Wall Instructor training, which can be taken for college credit.

Climbing Wall Rental
Looking for a fun way to celebrate a birthday or family reunion? Or just need a new and exciting way to get together with your friends? You can rent the Climbing Wall!

The Climbing Wall can accommodate 15 participants in the space at one time. The cost is $240 for up to 15 people for a two-hour session. Fees include everything your group will need to learn about and enjoy rock climbing, from shoes to safety gear! With larger groups, we can work with you to specifically design a program that works for your interests.

To make your reservation, fill out the Climbing Wall Rental Form or contact the Climbing Wall staff at (509) 963-3539 or

All private reservations are scheduled outside of our normal operational hours, as our number one priority is to serve CWU students, so please contact us as early as possible.

All participants will need a waiver signed in advance.  Please download our waiver here or pick some up from the recreation front desk

CWU Climbing Club
Expand your experience at Central and compete in one of the largest collegiate climbing competition series in the nation, the Northwest Collegiate Climbing Circuit. For more information, visit the Climbing Club page.

Family Policy & Family Hours

The Recreation Center has specific guidelines for family members under the age of 18, to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all of our members.
Family Hours have been designated from 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.  These hours have been established in order to provide Recreation Center Members the opportunity to bring their family to use the Recreation Center.  Listed below are some policies to help everyone who is eligible use the Recreation Center.

  • Children ages 6-13 are allowed to join their parent, who is a member, during Family Hours, at no additional cost, for activities in the four court gymnasium, on the jogging track, or in the climbing wall.  (All other areas are have too many safety risks to allow youth to participate.)
  • Children ages 5 and under are NOT allowed to enter the facility during family hours.  (This is a health and safety risk for these young children.)
  • The parent must be present and actively involved with the child in the chosen activity.  (Instructional youth climbing programs are offered.)
  • A member may NOT bring children with them who are not their legal dependents.     (Spaces within the Recreation Center can be reserved for private events for these types of gatherings.)
  • Guest Passes can be purchased for use during Family Hours, but each adult guest and each child guest must purchase an individual guest pass at the current rate.
  • Dependents age 14 and older are eligible to purchase a membership to the Recreation Center but those who are age 14-16 must be supervised by a parent at all times.
  • Dependents age 17 and older are eligible to purchase a regular Recreation Center membership.

Climbing Wall Policies 

  1. Climbers must be CWU certified in order to belay.
  2. Headphones are not allowed at the climbing wall.
  3. Top-ropers have right-of-way to boulderers.
  4. No open toed shoes or barefeet allowed.
  5. Food and drink off the mats at all times.
  6. No roped climbing allowed outside of open hours.
  7. Climbers must display climbing card while climbing.
  8. No bouldering above bouldering line.
  9. Loose chalk is not permitted

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