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Ethics in the Workplace Policies and Procedures

The following are the current CWU Policies and Procedures as it relates to ethics:

Current CWU Ethics Policies:

CWUP 1-50 Statement of Professional Ethics (Board of Trustees)
CWUP 2-30-070 Employee Participation in Political Affairs
CWUP 2-30-170 Personnel Records
CWUP 2-40-010 Acceptable and Ethical use of University Information Technology
CWUP 2-40-040 Animals in Research and Teaching
CWUP 2-40-065 Conflict of Interest - All Employees
CWUP 2-40-070 Conflict of Interest in Relationships
CWUP 2-40-075 Ethical Conduct Standards
CWUP 2-40-160 Protection of Human Subjects
CWUP 2-40-165 Research Ethics and Conflicts of Interest
CWUP 2-40-200 Use of State Funds for Light Refreshments and Meals
CWUP 2-40-210 State Property
CWUP 2-40-230 Whistleblower Act
CWUP 2-50-040 Facilities Use
CWUP 2-70-030 Information Security and Privacy Incident Management Policy
CWUP 6-20-010 Code of Ethics (Exempt Employees)
WAC 106-172-700 to 775 Student Records Policy

Current CWU Ethics Procedures:

CWUR 3-45-070 Ethics in Public Services
CWUR 3-45-080 Conflict of Interest in Relationships
CWUR 2-30-010 Responsible Conduct of Research Training Procedures
CWUR 3-20-010 Whistleblower Complaints
CWUR 3-20-020 Reporting Financial Irregularities
CWUR 6-20-050 Statement of Professional Conduct (from Exempt Code)
CWUR 7-30-080 Facilities Use Procedures

There are also some noted procedures that may have ethics implications:

CWUR 3-50-320 Promotional Expenditures
CWUR 3-50-435 Volunteers

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