Civil Rights Compliance
Barge 202
(509) 963-2050

What is the Equal Opportunity Committee?

The committee reports to the Vice President of Business and Financial Services and advises the Director of Civil Rights Compliance, on policy development, affirmative action plans and processes, and equal opportunity.

The purpose of the committee is to:

  • Regularly identify and review areas that may impact equal opportunity such as university waivers or promotion and tenure; and
  • Review complaints, investigative reports and findings of the investigator and determine whether the allegations have been substantiated in accordance with the discrimination complaint and resolution policy and procedures for employees.

Committee Membership

Member Type


Member Name

Term Ends

Ex-Officio Director of Civil Rights Compliance & Title IX Coordinator & ADA Coordinator Thomas Pedersen N/A


Dean Dean, College of the Sciences Tim Englund 06/20/2025
Exempt Employee (F) Manager, Student Disability Services Wendy Holden 06/20/2024
Exempt Employee (M) Director, Early College Outreach/ Campus Visits

Manuel Rodriguez

Faculty (M)

Professor, Dept of Art and Design

Keith Lewis 06/20/2024
Faculty (M) Associate Professor, Eng Tech Safety & Construct Charles Pringle 06/20/2024
Faculty (F) Professor, Philosophy & Religious Studies Cynthia Coe 06/20/2025
Faculty (F) Professor, Psychology Megan Matheson 06/20/2025
Civil Service (F) Fiscal Specialist 2, Extended and Global Education Josie Rollins 06/20/2023
Civil Service (F)

Program Coordinator, College Assistance Migrant Program

Justina Aguilera 06/20/2023
Civil Service (M) Administrative Operations Manager- Athletics Caleb Montgomery 06/20/2025
Civil Service (M) Vacant
PSE (F) Vacant
PSE (M) Vacant
Student Student Representative Evelyn Roehn 06/20/2023
Student Student Representative Charles Johnson 06/20/2023

Year-End Report