Civil Rights Compliance
Barge 202
(509) 963-2050

Sexual Misconduct Education and Prevention

Civil Rights Compliance (CRC) strives to develop and implement inclusive, evidence-based prevention strategies for students, faculty, and staff, as well as collaborate with on and off-campus partners to stop sexual misconduct, prevent its recurrence, and remedy its effects.

From preventing sexual misconduct and discrimination before it occurs to reducing the initial and lasting impact of sexual misconduct and discrimination on those involved and the larger Central Washington University (CWU) community, prevention happens in many ways at CWU.

Sexual Misconduct and Discrimination Training for CWU Community Members

CWU Title IX Administrator Training

For information regarding the training completed by all CWU Title IX Administrators, including a link to training materials, visit the Title IX Administrators webpage under "Meet Our Team".

General Requests for Sexual Misconduct & Title IX Training

Any member of the CWU community can request a training related to Sexual Misconduct & Title IX training for their group or department. The training could either presented virtually by the Title IX Coordinator, Thomas Pedersen, or in-person by another member of the Civil Rights Compliance team.

While training can be specifically designed based on the needs of a target audience, Sexual Misconduct & Title IX trainings generally review types of sexual misconduct, reporting options, responsible employee reporting requirements, as well as what happens after a report.

If you would like to discuss or request a training session, please contact the Title IX Coordinator, Thomas Pedersen.