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Tutor and TAs

Why TA &/or Tutor in the CWU Chemistry Department?

Here is a promotional video for our tutoring program, completed by a recently graduated CWU film student, Nick Allard.


·Challenge yourself & learn more about chemistry.

·Share your enthusiasm about chemistry by mentoring other young scientists.

·Contribute to your scientific community.

·Support education in the K-20 continuum!


·Communicate science to your students, colleagues, & scientific community.

·Learn & apply effective teaching strategies to prepare for your future classroom & beyond.

·Practice science technique & methodology for your future in research, industry, & beyond.

·Prepare for high performance on post-baccalaureate & pre-professional exams (ex. MDAT, MCAT, GRE, etc.).


How to become a Chemistry laboratory teaching assistant (TA):

TA Application PDF

·Apply for a Teaching Assistantship (TA) position.

  • Complete General Chemistry (CHEM 181, 182 & 183).
  • Pick up application (Chemistry Department Suite – Third Floor - SCI 302) or print TA application.
  • List all previous chemistry courses and corresponding grades.
  • Complete a schedule of your upcoming quarter (coursework and commitments)
  • Instructor and/or laboratory preferences for your TAship
  • Submit TA Application
    • Starting: pre registration period upon completion of your academic schedule.
    • No Later Than: Friday prior to the last week of regularly scheduled classes

·First quarter TAs will…

  • Be enrolled into CHEM 492: Lab Experience in Teaching Chemistry.
  • Earn 2.0 credits of upper division credits that can be applied to a chemistry major or minor.
  • Learn & apply basic chemistry lab safety & foundation education strategies.

·Return as a TA, work as a paid employee, & earn prizes!

  • Goggle Prize = 2nd Quarter of TAship
  • “CWU Chemistry” embroidered lab jacket prize = 4th Quarter of TAship


How to become a Chemistry Drop-in Help Center tutor:

Help Center Page

Tutor Application PDF

· Apply for a Tutor position.

  • Complete your sophomore year & declare your Chemistry Major or Chemistry Minor.
  • Pick up and complete a tutor application form (Chemistry Department Suite – Third Floor - SCI 302), or Print one and submit at Department Office.


Who to contact for more info:

TA/Tutor Applications       Ms. Lisa Stowe (

TA info & Advising             Dr. Timothy L. Sorey (

Tutor info & Advising        Dr. Whitney Swain (

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