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Safety Quiz


The following quiz will be used to evaluate your overall knowledge of department safety procedures. Submission of this form will also serve as an acknowledgement that you have received department safety training. This quiz is a training tool - if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ian Seiler, the Chemistry Department Safety Representative at 963-1307.


1 Start 2 HAZCOM 3 PPE 4 Emergency Action 5 Preview 6 Complete

Before beginning this quiz, you must have completed the following required tasks:

  •     seen the department safety film
  •     received a copy of the department safety rules
  •     read "Safety in Academic Chemistry Labs"
  •     received information on who to contact if you have questions
  •     received campus Chemical Hygiene Plan training from the Environmental Health and Safety department.

Please note:

This quiz will require you to have the following materials:

  • Safety Data Sheet for Acetone
  • CWU Chemistry Department Lab Safety Rules
  • Emergency Procedure information

While the above info is available online through the CWU Chemistry webpage, if you navigate away from the quiz, your progress will not be saved. For this reason, either open links in another window, or have the above material available before you begin.

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