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Faculty and Staff

The Chemistry Department prides itself in close student/professor relationships and the availability of individualized instruction. This helps account for the excellent
achievement and placement records of our graduates. Each faculty member is actively involved in classroom and laboratory instruction, and many conduct scholarly
research activities. Fields of specialization include biochemistry, organic, analytical, inorganic, physical and environmental chemistry as well as science education.
Faculty are listed below along with his or her areas of expertise and research interests.


Faculty Listing


Associate Professor, Organic Chemistry.
Isolation and Characterization of Organic Compounds from Natural Sources. Investigations of the Biological Activities and Potential Pharmacological Relevance of Isolated Compounds
Assistant Professor, Organic Chemistry.
Dynamics and Catalytic Resolution of Selected Chiral Organolithiums
Lecturer, Physical Chemistry. 
Structural and Thermochemical Investigations of Transition Metal Ions Complexed with Amino Acids and with Water.
Department Chair, Professor, Inorganic Chemistry. 
Luminescence, Energy Transfer and Degradation Processes in Solid State Luminescent Systems
Professor, Organic Chemistry.
Design and Synthesis of Inhibitors of Therapeutically Important Enzymes
Graduate Coordinator, Professor, Computational Chemistry.
Theoretical and Computational Chemistry; Thermodynamics; Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics; Theoretical Study of Nanoclusters and Astronomical Species
Professor, Environmental Engineering Science.
Chemical Composition of Ambient Aerosol Particles
Assistant Professor, Biochemistry. 
Identification and characterization of protein-protein interactions that induce frontal cortical areas of the brain
Professor, Organic Chemistry. 
Organic Reaction Mechanisms, Study of Singlet Carbenes Including Oxonium and Fluoronium Ylides
Associate Chair, Senior Lecturer, Physical/Inorganic Chemistry.
Computational Biochemistry as Applied to the Catalytic Function of Metalloenzymes in Particular the Fidelity Assurance Mechanism Used in DNA Repair by DNA Polymerases
Lecturer, Biochemistry.
Self-Assembly and Regulation of Large Mechanoenzyme Complexes. 
Associate Professor, Physical/Analytical.
Spectroscopic investigations of macromolecular complexes of polyelectrolytes and surfactants. Investigations of the effect of nanoparticle metal oxides on the optical properties of polyelectrolyte/surfactant formulations.
Associate Professor, Chemical Education.
Supporting Student Inquiry in the Laboratory through a Research-Based Approach and Use of Computer-Based Measurement Technology.
Lecturer, Biochemistry.
Synthesis and Structure Activity Relationship Studies of Natural Product-Derived Compound Libraries.
Professor, Biochemistry.
Mitochondrial Biochemistry, Reactive Oxygen Species, Toxicology


Staff Listing


Emil Babik    Instrument Tech899-0926
Tony BrownStockroom Manager / Instructorx1303
Brian FinnComputer Tech607-1212
Daniel HallStockroom Techx1303
Ian SeilerSafety Representative/Research Lab Manager     x1307
Lisa StoweOffice Managerx2811
Cindy WhiteInstrument Tech899-0619


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