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College of the Sciences

Anne Johansen has had a 3-year NSF RISE grant funded

North Seattle Community College (NSCC) and Central Washington University (CWU) will collaborate to address the need to reform undergraduate STEM education programs through the development of a model for institutionalizing an interdisciplinary and research-based curriculum for chemistry and biology. This collaboration provides a model for how a 2-year community college and a  4-year university can work together to provide innovative and authentic research experiences
for community college students early in their college pathway. The RISE project builds upon
ten years of work at NSCC that has focused on a year-long program, Atoms to Ecosystems (A2E), which integrates chemistry and biology curricula to broaden participation in STEM among students underrepresented in these fields (e.g., women, historically underrepresented minorities, low-income, and/or first-generation students), groups disproportionately found in community colleges.
The RISE project seeks to 1) provide progressive and innovative STEM curriculum that significantly improves preparation of diverse student populations for upper level courses and careers in science, 2) establish the foundation for a Pacific Northwest Collaboration focused on excellence
in STEM education at the community college level, and 3) make a significant contribution to
the body of knowledge regarding our understanding of how students think, learn, and problem solve in a research and interdisciplinary context early in the college experience.

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