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CAR Check

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CAR Check is an add-in for Microsoft Word for Windows, which provides a centralized set of tools that assist in creating accessible documents.  Evaluate your document with an easy to understand score card of accessibility. CAR Checker then shows you how to correct issues.


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Microsoft Word Add-in for Windows


Easily make your documents navigable.

 CAR Check guides you to accessibility.

CAR Checker dialogue window. Title: CAR Check. Text at the top reads “Here is your assessment (click on the item for details):”. Four heading areas read “1. Images have Alt Text. 2. Correct Formatting. 3. Free of Text Boxes/WordArt. 4. Charts and SmartArt are Accessible.” Beside each heading area is an icon of either a red ‘x’ or a green checkmark. Images Have Alt Text has focus. A dynamic text area below displays: “One or more of the images or graphics in your document do not contain alternative text (alt-text). Alt-text is a written description, which is embedded within the image for use with screen readers and other software. Without alt-text, blind and low vision users cannot interpret image or graphic. Resource: (hyperlink text) ‘Alt Text Description Guide From W3 Consortium’”.

 Alternative text made easy.

CAR Checker dialogue window. Title: Image Alt Text Editor. Image is displayed in the upper half of the dialogue. The lower half is a text-editable area. The text area reads “A chimpanzee forages for termites with a stick.”

Take the Next Step to Becoming a Wildcat.