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BUS 411 - Emotional Intelligence for Professionals

Earn an Emotional Intelligence Badge from Central Washington University after successfully completing this 5 credit web-based course!

This course is available Summer Quarter, 2020.

Registration will begin on May 4th through MyCWU.



Course Description

The intended outcome of this course is that you will acquire the ability to manage yourself from a position of insight versus reaction. 

Emotional Intelligence is now considered the most important skill of the 21st century and the greatest predictor of personal and organizational success.  At its core, Emotional Intelligence is grounded in understanding yourself at a deep level and using that understanding to guide your actions and behaviors.  People who incorporate Emotional Intelligence in their professional lives report a higher level of personal and career satisfaction.

This fully immersive 5-module course takes you on a journey that begins with a basic understanding of the science and business benefits of emotional intelligence to understanding how to effectively highlight your newly acquired emotional intelligence knowledge through social media, resumes and job interviews.  The course will also provide a deep understanding of your self-awareness through a series of assessments; you’ll also learn how to regulate and understand those troublesome emotional triggers, and use communication and conversational planning skills to build authentic bonds with others.  Participants will also learn how to use mindfulness as an enabling tool.  



  • Completion of (MGT 380 OR MGT 382) AND MGT 395 with a minimum grade of a C- in each course.

What You'll Learn

  • How to re-frame negative situations into strong learning experiences


  • A process to strategically plan effective and influential business conversations that improve personal relationships
  • The skills necessary to create a strong personal brand that is rooted in authenticity
  • Why mindfulness and contemplation can be used as sustaining practices to keep growing in Emotional Intelligence, long after the course is over

  • Various types of blind-spots and how to effectively manage them from a place of self-awareness
  • How to use feedback as a tool to accelerate your personal and career growth
  • Grounding in the latest science and research so you can build emotionally intelligent teams and deliver training programs at your workplace


Topics Covered

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-management
  • Relationship management
  • Social awareness
  • Marketing and branding your certification

Also included as specific focus areas: 

  • Empathy, communication skills, managing feedback, conversation planning, and coaching techniques

Course Format

To bring the concepts learned in the classroom to the workplace, participants will utilize a course-specific workbook and journal to complete assessments and capture insights from each module as you go throughout your workday.  Most    of the time spent in class will be spent in peer discussions, breakout activities, skill practice, and completing real-world case studies.


Additional information:

In order to establish a benchmark of Emotional Intelligence understanding, you are required to complete both of the following assessments:

  • An Emotional Intelligence self-assessment that provides a rated score in the areas of: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management.  Upon completion of the course, you can take a follow-up assessment at no cost.
  • 360-degree feedback assessment from at least five colleagues; this can include students, managers, peers, customers, and direct reports.

Due to these assessments providing a base level of understanding in these areas and a method of measuring progress, it is required that you complete both assessments a minimum of one week prior to the start of the first session.  Failure to complete these assessments will impede your course progress.  It is highly recommended you begin the assessments as soon as receiving course materials.



Anderson Parks

Andy is a strong believer in the role that emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and organization awareness play in personal, leadership, and career success.  Andy enjoyed a 30-year career in the consumer products industry working for companies such as:  Pfizer, Diageo and eventually The Coca-Cola Company where he retired in 2017.  While working for The Coca-Cola Company, Andy had the opportunity to lead teams in the sales, field marketing, category management and global customer development departments. Halfway through his career, Parks became an avid study of emotional intelligence and mindfulness; in what he calls “the turning point”, he began to incorporate both in his professional and personal life. After retiring from The Coca-Cola Company, Andy followed his passion and began teaching in Central Washington University’s Management and Marketing Department.  Andy works with his students to understand the importance of self-awareness and emotional intelligence by including self-assessments and discussions as part of the course curriculum. 

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