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Career Services

What the Career Center Expects From You

1. Professional Conduct - Interviews, events, field trips, corporate presentations and communication with employers are professional activities that require professional conduct. Punctuality and professional demeanor are expected at all times.

2. Interview with commitment - Research each organization that you will be interviewing with and be prepared to explain your interest in working there. Don't expect the interviewer to "sell" you on the organization. Don't use interviewing for practice.

3. Adhere to schedules - Appear for all career counseling appointments and job interviews, whether on or off campus, in a timely manner unless an emergency prevents you from doing so. If an emergency occurs, immediately notify our office at 509-963-1921 so that alternative arrangements can be made.

  • No Shows - Students who fail to appear for a scheduled job interview are considered "no shows". Our definition of a "no show" includes either no notification or inadequate notice (Less than 48 hours' notice in all reasonable situations not including serious illness). This is not only discourteous to both the interviewer and your classmates, it also reflects poorly on the university. We give departments a list of students who do not show for their interviews. We leave it up to the departments to decide what reprecussions students will face.
  • On-Site Employer Interview Cancellations - If you are interviewing on-site with an employer, you should provide at least 48 hours notice to cancel. You will have to contact the employer directly. If you don't have their contact information, you can call the Career Services office at 509-963-1921.

4. Making decisions concerning job offers - We encourage you to think carefully and critically about an offer and Career Services is here to help. Interested in talking through the process? We encourage you to see one of the counselors. Below are a few suggestions to guide you in your thinking process.

Communicate your acceptance or rejection of a job offer on or before the date agreed upon. If you must request additional time to consider an employer's offer, do so by notifying the person who extended you the offer as soon as possible. Reach out via phone as a professional courtesy. Asking for an extension is not an unusual request. Employers are reasonable and by asking, you may be offered the extension you need!

  • Accept an offer in good faith - Never accept an offer just to have one, waiting for the "real offer" you're hoping for or that another will come your way. And, if you believe you will be getting multiple offers, please don't verbally accept, e-mail or sign a contract until you are absolutely sure of your decision. Once you accept an offer, you must withdraw from all other interviews. You are expected to honor your commitment and uphold professional practice.

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