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New Wildcat Career Network Offers ‘One-Stop Shop’ for Jobs and Internships

There’s a new way for CWU students and alumni to look for jobs or internships. The Wildcat Career Network is a job and internship database that is easily accessible through a student’s myCWU account, and external login for alumni.

“The new system allows employers or our department to upload jobs and internships and control information about events and interviews on campus,” said Vicki Sannuto, Director of Career Services. “Additionally, the database includes off-campus job listings from the Office of Student Employment.”

According to Sannuto, the Wildcat Career Network creates a “one-stop shop” for students and alumni to find career opportunities. She said one of the biggest complaints she has heard over the years from students is the difficulty in finding good, solid job or internship leads in a single place.

“When students say they don’t know where to go to find a job or an internship. Now there is a place where all that information can be easily accessed,” Sannuto said.

In addition to internships and jobs, the site will list career fairs, potential employer visits and presentations, and other similar events. Users will also be able to RSVP to a career fair or workshop and look at information about employers or internships. An additional feature is that it can connect students to professionals as mentors. It also allows a faculty member to review and evaluate resumes, letters and other information uploaded by a student.

Sannuto said students will get the most out of the network if they fill out their profile completely, a process that only takes a few minutes.

The network encompasses a local and national database (the latter is called the NaceLink Network). The combination of the two databases provides users with access to more than two million job listings.

“It’s a very sophisticated tool that can be a great resource for anyone who is searching for a job or an internship,” Sannuto said. “My hope is that eventually people will get used to it and integrate it into their systems for whatever they need in terms of employment or internships.”

For more information, contact Vicki Sannuto, Director of Career Services, 509-963-1921,

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