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Career Services

Mentoring To CWU Students

Wildcat Career Network Mentor Program

What does mentoring mean for YOU?
If you have advice and insight to offer as a mentor, it can be a part of a community that helps CWU students and recent graduates choose the right career path and make a successful transition into the workforce.
If you're looking for career guidance as a mentee, it're opening a whole new world of connections and building your professional network.
Through Career Services and the Wildcat Career Network Mentoring Program you'll have the tools and ability to connect with people who are eager to learn - and eager to help others learn - about different career paths and share advice with those who have already been down that road. Experience mentoring for yourself and complete the Mentor Registration Form! Career Services will email you with a username and password.


Participating in the program is an ideal and easy way for you to stay connected to Central while sharing what you have learned throughout your career. In addition, you will receive regular communications from the Career Services offices, as well as be invited to attend Career Fairs, networking and professional development opportunities. You can also search job opportunities for yourself in  the Wildcat Career Network and the nation-wide job search site, Experience Alumni. This is also a great way to keep in touch with fellow alumni!

Alumni can act as a resource in many ways, including the following examples:

Company information                                               Job function information
Employment trends (profession or industry)                Job search strategies
Networking tips                                                                      Job shadowing


If you are interested in assisting others by becoming a member of the Wildcat Career Network Mentoring Program, please complete the online Mentor Registration Form and Career Services will email you with a user name and password.

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