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Interviewing Tips and Tricks

Below, you can find information and resources on how to nail your upcoming interview and land the job of your dreams. These tips and tricks will help you to have high confidence and preparedness when you walk into the interviewing room at any company.


Interviewing Tips

Like all other important undertakings, the interview requires careful planning and preparation if it is to be successful. Click here to view dozens of helpful interviewing tips. These tips will help you to remain calm under the stress of the interview.

Common Interview Questions

Ever been in an interview and asked a question you didn't know how to answer? Ever struggled to come up with a decent response to a question you might not have been prepared for? Click here to view a list various different commonly asked questions during an interview. 

Questions To Ask Interviewers

While answering all the questions thouroughly is an important part of the interview process, what most people overlook during their interviews is questions to ask the interviewers. Asking questions is a chance to demonstrate your enthusiasm, to show you have done your research, and perhaps learn more about your future work environment. Click here to view some good sample questions.

Illegal Interview Questions

Remember how there is no such thing as a dumb question? Well there are some illegal questions when it comes to job seeking. Click here to view a list of illegal interview questions the interview time can't legally ask you.

Questions From Both Sides Of The Teaching Desk

The hiring process for teachers can oftentimes be different than the regular job interview. Click here to access a list of questions most commonly asked of future teachers in their interviews.

Mock Interviews Available With Career Services

The purpose of a mock interview is to provide you with an opportunity to practice your interviewing skills in an environment similar to an actual interview. A mock interview is a great opportunity to become familiar with interview questions and interview etiquette. Click here to learn how to schedule a trial interview with Career Services.

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