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Internship Student CheckList

The following page outlines the steps students can follow to ensure accurate completion of their internship application. Students can also download this activity checklist.

Internship applications need to be submitted at least 5 business days before the quarter's Add/Drop date to ensure timely processing. Applications received after this deadline may be subject to additional approval requirements or late registration fees.

Quick Overview

*Additional details and resources for each of these steps are outlined below

  1. Confirm Internship Eligibility & Requirements
  2. Find and Secure A Potential Internship Provider/Host
  3. Identify Faculty Advisor & Obtain Course Details
  4. Create Learning Objectives & Activities
  5. Complete Training & Insurance Requirements
  6. Complete a Pre-Internship File *If Applicable
  7. Complete Internship Application
  8. Sign Learning Agreement
  9. Await Signature Routing and Course Registration
  10. Complete Internship Work Hours & Academic Activities
  11. Complete Internship Evaluation


Detailed Overview

Step 1) Confirm Eligibility & Requirements:

Students who wish to apply for internship credits generally need to meet the eligibility outlined criteria below. In addition to these minimum requirements, students should also check-in with their department to ask about any department-specific internship requirements, processes, or information. View Full Internship Eligibility & Policies

General Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be In good academic standing with no active registration holds
  • Must be a current/future experience (no retro) & related to major
  • Must have completed at least 90 credits to enroll in 490/Standard internship or 45 credits for 290/exploratory internship
  • Must have completed at least 15 credits at CWU
  • Must meet any department-specific requirements or eligibility criteria

Step 2) Find and Secure A Potential Internship Provider/Host:

After confirming eligibility, students intended to do an internship will need to locate and secure a potential internship provider. CWU does not offer direct placement opportunities at this time but Career Services is available to assist students in the internship search effort. The links below also provides additional informational resources and tips for students looking for internship opportunities. 

Step 3) Identify Faculty Advisor & Course Details:

Ask your department to assign you an Internship Faculty Advisor who will act as the instructor for your internship course. If your department does not provide you pre-defined internship information, you will need to work with this faculty member and your department to obtain key course information such as the course code, course prefix, learning objectives, and any academic or homework assignments that will be required.

Step 4) Create Learning Objectives & Activities: 

If your department does not provide you with information on pre-defined internship objectives and activities, you will need to work with your internship faculty advisor and your intended internship site supervisor to come up with at least three learning objectives detailing what you will learn or practice during the experience. For each objective, you will then need to then identify at least two specific activities you will complete towards that objective. 

Step 5) Complete Training & Insurance Requirements:

Complete the required sexual harassment training and purchase the required liability Insurance.

Step 6) Complete a Pre-Internship File *If Applicable:

If your internship is taking place in a medical facility or at a company listed on our current affiliation agreement list, you will need to complete a pre-internship file prior to submitting your internship application.

Step 7) Complete Your Online Internship Application in Wildcat Career Network: 

  1. Use the guide or worksheet provided on the Academic Requirements Worksheets Page to collect the required information about your internship's academic and course details. 
  2. Login to your Wildcat Career Network (WCN) accounts via the link in the menu located on the right side of your MyCWU dashboard. 
  3. From the WCN home screen, use the left tab bar to navigate to “My Account” then to “Cooperative Education & Internship Program”
  4. Select the “Add New” button that should appear on the page near the lower middle of the screen.
  5. Fill out the form as prompted. 

Step 8) Sign DocuSign Learning Agreement:

Once your application is approved, a digital learning agreement will be sent out via a DocuSign email to collect the required signatures for all parties on the agreement. The student will be the first person to get this email. To review and sign the agreement, select the “Review Document” button in the DocuSign email. Once signed by a student, the agreement will then automatically be routed to the faculty, program chair, employer, and dean's office for review and approval.

**Note: Once a student has signed their DocuSign learning agreement, they should notify their site supervisor to expect a similar email soon after. The supervisor will receive the email after the course instructor has signed off.

Step 9) Await Registration:

Once your learning agreement has been signed by all the required parties, the CWU Career Services Internship office will register you in your course for credits.

Note: The following factors can delay or block your internship registration if not addressed prior to application processing:

  • Active Holds In MyCWU (includes the quarterly financial obligation acknowledgment that students must complete each quarter)
  • Outstanding Balances
  • Course load (including internship units) that exceeds 18 units in one quarter (will require a course-overload approval form)

Step 10) Complete Internship Activities:

During the internship, students will need to ensure they are completing the internship academic requirements as outlined in the learning agreement. This includes the completion of any course assignments/homework, performing the learning activities listed in the learning agreement, and completing at least combined 40 work hours of approved work per course credit enrolled. 

Step 11) Complete Evaluations: 

Both the student and internship supervisor will receive evaluations at various stages in the internship process. At the middle and end of the internship, the intern's site supervisor will be sent an email with a link to the internship evaluation. Students are advised to remind their supervisors to expect these emails. Students will also be sent an evaluation for them to complete regarding their experience at the end of the program. 

                    *Note: Information collected during the evaluation process will be shared with the internship faculty instructor and may be used in assessing course grades. 


For questions or assistance, contact CWU Career Services:



Phone: 509-963-1921

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