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Below you can find all of the resources meant for faculty or staff on campus, including how to write a good letter of recommendation and how to request a classroom for a presentation. This page is designed for faculty or staff to find the resources that they need. 


Services Offered

Career Services offeres a lot of different services, mainly Career Counseling, where students can get help with anything from selecting a major program to researching employers to preparing for an interview. Click here to view a full list of the services we offer.


Letter of Recommendation Tips

Letters of Recommendation can help students to get jobs in the fields they are interested in, can help students to get internships and other opportunities, and will help to advance their career. It is very important to write a good letter of recommendation because oftentimes it is one of the key factors when employers are determining whether they want to consider the student or not. 


Cooperative Education and Internships

The Cooperative Education (Co-op) program will help you to integrate classroom study with actual work experience, giving you the opportunity to combine school, career, social life, and personal growth. Click here to learn more about the Co-op and Internship program.


Request a Classroom Presentation

If available, Career Services can come to your classroom and present on a variety of topics. We can customize a presentation to meet your needs. Presentations can cover topics involving any of the services we offer. Click here to learn more about requesting a presentation. 


Professional Clothing Closet

Have a presentation or job interview coming up, but don't have the attire to match your professionalism? Have extra business professional clothing you want to donate? Click here to view information about the Professional Clothing Closet, provided by Career Services, where students and alumni can receive or donate interview-ready professional clothing.


Career Services Advisory Board

Click here to learn more about the Internship Advisory Board for your department.

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