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Covina Dunnihoo

CovinaDunnihooMy name is Covina Dunnihoo! This is my 5th year at Central and I am majoring in Nutrition with a minor in Exercise Science. I am originally from Federal Way, but now consider Ellensburg to be my home. This is my second year with Career Services; however it is my first year as a Peer Advisor. It has been great learning how to help students and building friendships with the other Peer Advisors. Other than work and school, I am very involved with a Christian group on campus called Fuel. I like to be outdoors and go on grand adventures, I like to travel (although that happens rarely), I love sports especially football, I eat lots of food, and love photography. I am a very social person and love to interact with others. Working for Career Services has provided me with the opportunity to work with a wide range of people and gain lots of experience.

Overall I have liked all of my jobs, but the one that I had the biggest issues with was a Childcare/Preschool. I absolutely love kids. I started babysitting when I was 11 and have worked with kids in childcare settings many times. The Preschool I worked for my senior year of high school was fun, but short lived. I loved my kids, but there were many state rules that were broken in the short time I was there. I was 17 when I worked there, so I was not supposed to be alone with the children and I was alone almost daily. There is also a ratio of 7 children to 1 teacher for toddlers and on many occasions I was alone in a classroom of 10 one year olds. My biggest fear was someone reporting the violations and my reputation being tainted. I tried to kindly voice my concerns, but after 3 months of no change I had to put in my resignation. 

I honestly cannot pick a favorite job. I have liked all of my jobs and it has been hard to move on from each one of them when the time has come. I feel so blessed to have my job here at Career Services. Along with Peer Advising, I also assist the Employer recruitment/Event Coordinator. I get to interact with many employers and assist in the planning and implementing of Career Fairs. Both of these jobs have given me so much more knowledge and experience that I never could have imagined before now. Career Services is a great resource to all students and wherever I go I try to encourage students to come see us. We would love to see you!

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