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March 2019 - We are moving to an electronic process for learning agreements.  This page will be updated as the process unfolds.  We are currently testing the system and do not expect full implementation until the end of early-to-mid 2020.  If you have any questions, please contact Jo Ann Ryan, Internship Coordinator at 509.963.2405 or email

Cooperative Education (Co-op) is an educational plan designed to integrate classroom study with planned, supervised, and evaluated work experience that links the academic program with students' career goals and interests. It offers undergraduate and graduate students a unique opportunity to combine career, social, and personal growth with the educational process.   

Fair Labor Standards Act Guidelines for Unpaid Internships in the For-Profit Sector

CWU Policies for Cooperative Education

Supervisors of unpaid internships on CWU campuses, please watch this video. Recommended for anyone participating in the academic internship process. 


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Required Sexual Harassment Training
Non-Medical Setting Student Liability Insurance
edical Setting Student Liability Insurance


Affiliation Agreements
Affiliation Agreement Checklists
Affiliation Agreement Contracts
Affiliation Agreement FAQs
Hire an International Student
nternship FAQs


tep-by-Step Quick Guide

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Cooperative Education & Internship Progress Report


Below is a portion of the most recent current internships in the Wildcat Career Network. Please log in through MyCWU to view all the internships, or to apply to ones you see here. Or, click here to find more resources on how to find internships as a student.

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