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Career readiness can take you down many different paths, from a good resume to proper attire to good interviewing skills and techniques. Below, you will find resources on how to make sure you are the most prepared for your career as possible.



Most jobs or internships require a resume as a part of your application. A good resume can set you above the bar and give you a little extra edge compared to other applicants. Click here to view tips and tricks on how to improve your resume. 


Cover Letters

Like a good resume, cover letters can help distinguish you from the pool of other applicants. Cover letters provide the opportunity to include a little extra information that could help you to secure an interview. Although not required, cover letters are generally a good idea to include with any application. Click here to find resources on how to make a good cover letter. 



An interview can oftentimes be the most daunting part of applying for your dream job. You are walking in to a room of people you don't know, people who are about to ask you questions about something. Although this can be intimidating, preparing yourself for an interview can help you to remain relaxed and make a positive lasting impression. 


Wildcat Career Network

Want to get a job, internship, or other career experience, but have no place to start? The Wildcat Career Network is an amazing resource that helps students with any level of experience find jobs, improve their resume, cover letter, interviewing skills, and career readiness. There are tools where employers can actually search for students by resume, so it really is a fantastic resource. And it's completely free!


Career Guide

Many students go through all four years of college without ever setting foot in their school's career services office. Yet, outside of the academic realm, job seekers will pay hundreds, even thousands, of dollars for the same services that Career Resources offers. Click here to access a guide that explains every career resource available to you as a student at CWU.


Career Courses For Credit

In addition to these outside career resources, Central Washington University offers two career exploration classes.

  • UNIV 103 is a 2 credit career exploration class offered every quarter. This class helps you to find your ideal career based off of your personality. You will be exposed to career possibilities through in-class discussions, and you will learn resources that make finding the right job for you much easier.
  • UNIV 301 is a 2 credit career management class offered in winter and spring quarters. This class is designed to guide and empower you in your transition from college to a job of your choosing and in creating your professional image. 


Professional Clothing Closet

Have a presentation or job interview coming up, but don't have the attire to match your professionalism? Have extra business professional clothing you want to donate? Click here to view information about the Professional Clothing Closet, provided by Career Services, where students and alumni can receive or donate interview-ready professional clothing.


Graduate School

Getting into graduate school can be an exciting and challenging process. We suggest that you work with your major advisor and the CWU Writing Center to make sure your application materials are in good order. Career Services counselors are also available to review your applications. Click here to find different resources on how to ease your transition into graduate school.


International Students

Jobs for international students can be slightly harder to obtain, due to the differences between obtaining jobs in the United States compared to other countries. Click here to access information on how to most effectively serach for jobs in the United States.


Placement Files For Educators

Thinking about majoring as an educator? Click here to access the placement files that are required for educators. These files are pivitol in getting hired as quickly as possible as an educator. 

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