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Affiliation Agreements

An affiliation agreement is a contract between CWU and an internship facility. Affiliation agreements generally outline specific steps or verification documents that a student must complete and provide to the Career Services office before their internship can be approved. 

Not all CWU internship partners have an affiliation agreement but they are common for medical settings or when a facility has specific onboarding or background requirements that they want the university to help verify before a student starts an internship. Below are some common questions and basic information about the pre-internship file process.


When is a pre-internship file needed?

A student will need to complete a pre-internship file if any of the following criteria is met:

a)  The internship provider/employer is listed on the Current CWU Affiliation Agreements List

b) The Internship is occurring in a medical setting (clinic, hospital, ambulance, etc) or fire departments


What is a pre-internship file?

A pre-internship file consists of a collection of background, training, and verification documents that will need to be provided by the student as part of the internship application & onboarding process. Students will need to provide copies of these records to both the employer and the CWU Career Services Internship Office. 


What is the pre-internship file process?

The pre-internship file process can be broken down into 3 steps:

Step 1) Complete the pre-internship file initiation request form. Upon submission, a representative from our office will be in contact soon to provide additional information on your pre-internship file requirements. 

Step 2) Gather and provide the requested documents or verifications. Once collected, copies of these documents should be dropped off at the Career Services office as well as provided to the employer as requested.

Step 3) Interns will also need to obtain verification of onboarding completion from their internship provider. Either the site supervisor or the organization's HR office will need to email the internship office at or provide a signed document confirming that all onboarding steps have been completed and that all requirements have been met. 


What paperwork do I need for my pre-internship file?

The exact document requirements vary by provider. After submitting a  Pre-Internship File Initiation Form a representative from the CWU Career Services office will contact you to provide additional information on the specific items needed for your internship provider.

In general, the student intern will be asked to provide the following:

1) copies of any onboarding documents provided to the employer in the onboarding process

2) verification documents for any needed tests or training required for the role. 

3) an email or signed document from the employing site supervisor or HR office verifying that the student intern has fulfilled all the required onboarding steps and activities. 

Student's seeking to get a jump-start in preparing their materials can refer to the general pre-internship file checklists below to get a approximate idea of the types of materials that may be requested. 

General Pre-Internship Checklists

Note: these are general guides. The specific document requirements for your internship provider may differ and will be provided to you in the response to your submission of the Pre-Internship File Initiation Form


What if my facility is not listed in the current affiliation agreements or occurring in a medical or fire department setting?

If the facility where you intern does not have a current Affiliation Agreement with Central Washington University, you do not need to create a pre-internship file or provide the internship office with copies of your onboarding documents.

In these cases, intern's will need to have th company HR office or site supervisor confirm that htey have completed thier onboarding requirments. This can be done via an email to or by providing a signed letteer/document verifying that the required steps have been completed. 


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