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Career & Technical Education

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Organizations that Benefit Teachers:

Organization that Benefits FCS - General Majors:


  • Represents FCS professionals across   practice areas & subjects
  • Provides leadership for individual, family & community well-being
  • Provides leadership for the development of  consumer goods & services
  • Provides leadership in influencing public policy & social change
  • CEO serves on FCCLA BOD

High School Student Organization:


Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (Student Organization)
Promotes character development                                                                    

  • Facilitates decision making and responsibility
  • Personal development and preparation for adult life                                     
  • Leadership development facilities
  • Strengthen families and promotes understanding between youth and adults  
  • Promotes Family and Consumer Sciences Education and Careers
  • Encourages democracy and global harmony                                                 
  • Teaches Balancing Family and Career

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