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FCSE Graduate Program - Option 1

Option 1 - Master's Degree with Teacher Certification and FCS Endorsement

This option is a program of study for students with a bachelor’s degree in a related field who seek initial teacher certification or license in Family and Consumer Sciences Education or are currently working as a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher with a CTE conditional certificate.

Students will complete course work in both graduate-level courses toward the master’s degree with teacher certification, and undergraduate coursework for the Family and Consumer Sciences endorsement. The graduate coursework are GP-IDEA courses and are offered based on semester dates (Note: CWU courses are quarter terms). Students will be charged separate tuition rates depending on the course. Please see GP-IDEA’s website for the common tuition rate and more information about the partnership. The undergraduate coursework tuition rates will be based on CWU post-baccalaureate rate. Please note, it is the student’s responsibility to know their financial aid requirements.

Students will complete requirements for Graduate Studies and Teacher Certification programs.

*Standards for teaching certification vary by state. Students are responsible for identifying and meeting requirements in a state other than Washington where they want to be certified. This program is aligned to meet the Washington State certification requirements.  All WA state teacher certification candidates must demonstrate completion of an Issues Related to Abuse course. This course may need to be taken in addition to the required courses if not already fulfilled.

Required Coursework

Graduate Program Courses: (GP-IDEA Common Tuition Rate & Semester Course Dates)

  • CTE 700 - Master's Thesis, Project Study, or Examination Credits: (1-6)
  • GPD 552 - Occupational Programs in Family and Consumer Sciences Credits: (5)
  • GPD 553 - Exceptional Learners in the Secondary Classroom (Special Education) Credits: (5)
  • GPD 554 - Education in Pluralistic Society (Multicultural Education/Human Relations) Credits: (5)
  • GPD 558 - Family and Consumer Sciences Methods I Credits: (5)
  • GPD 559 - Family and Consumer Sciences Methods II Credits: (5)
  • GPD 592 - Practica I Credits: (1-4)
  • GPD 593 - Practica II Credits: (1-14)

FCS Endorsement Courses: (Post Baccalaureate Tuition Rate & CWU Quarter Course Dates, Coursework does not apply to master’s degree but is required for teacher certification/endorsement.)

Students must satisfy an additional 44 credits within the following 5 content areas

  • Family Economics/Consumer (8 credits)
  • Housing (8 credits) 
  • Foods and Nutrition (8 credits)
  • Clothing and Textiles (8 credits)
  • Family Relationships/Child Development (12 credits)

Application and Registration Process

Step 1: Submit your university application

  • Apply to the Graduate School at CWU
    • Apply as Graduate Student option
    • Campus: CWU-Online
    • Academic Major: Family and Consumer Science Ed

Step 2: Submit your application to the Teacher Certification office

Step 3: Submit your program application

Step 4: Follow up

  • Approval of transcript analysis will be returned to the student.
  • Acceptance to the program email will be sent to the student. Program Director, Dr. Bree Devlin will establish a Plan of Study for student to review.

Step 5: Begin coursework

  • Enroll in courses through MyCWU and complete coursework on Canvas or partnering GP-IDEA universities Learning Platforms.

Step 6: Program Completion

  • Log practicum experience
    • 60 hours of FCS in the five-content areas (Practica I course)
    • 450 hours of Field Site Practicum in FCS Classroom (Practica II)
  • Pass West E exam
  • Pass CTE 700 - Master's Thesis, Project Study, or Examination
  • Once request for recommendation is submitted, apply for certification with OSPI’s eCertification system
    • 2000 hours of occupational industry experience or teaching experience in the past 10 years is required for CTE certification


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