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What if I run out of Dining Dollars?

A variety of meal plans have been developed with student habits in mind. Our residential and dining staff makes every effort to educate students in examining their lifestyle to assist in making a proper meal plan selection. We also understand that mistakes happen. Some students find that they have chosen a plan incompatible with their eating habits or, for a variety of reasons, students run too low on meal plan funds as the quarter progresses. Meal plan changes can be made in the Connection Card Office during the Add/Drop period only. Additional money can be added at any time during the quarter in the Connection Card Office. Placement of funds depends on meal plan chosen:

Can I add Dining Dollars?

  • Students who have meal plan A or B may deposit any amount of money on their Dining Dollars account. There is no overhead taken out of the deposit, so a $20 deposit equals $20 Dining Dollars on your card along with the 65% discount at Dining locations!
  • Students who have plans C or D may add money ONLY to the Wildcat Bucks plan- not to their Dining Dollars account. It is important that you add additional funds to your Wildcat Bucks plan so that you receive the 10% discount off of retail prices, as opposed to paying with cash.

CWU Dining Services recommends that students on campus sign up for meal plan A or B because these plans are designed to best meet the needs of our students and offer the highest value to the student. Plan B is the plan which all R.A.'s receive and is equivalent to about 2 meals a day.

If you find that your meal plan did not meet your needs and you needed more money at the end of the quarter, it might be necessary to increase the size of your meal plan.

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