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Thu, 07/23/2020

For some employees, the vacation accrual rate shown on the Employee Leave Summary is displaying at the reduced FTE rate and there may be slight sick and vacation balance discrepancies.  We anticipate a resolution prior to processing the accruals/entitlements for July.  Accruals/Entitlements were processed at the original FTE rate, as promised by CWU, but were subsequently reduced when processing absences for July 1 – 15.

Absences other than LWOP (furlough, cyclic, Faith/Conscience and regular leave without pay) for July 1 – 15, will appear on the August 10th check.  An unanticipated event occurred during the process that allows absences to appear on paychecks.

A HUGE thank you to everyone for your patience and perseverance!!!  We APPRECIATE you!!!






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