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Log in here to post to Central Today about a new event or new service. Please do not post information or events that are a part of a department's daily or weekly functions. These are appropriately situated on your university web pages. Please contact Public Affairs, 963-2810, if you require assistance updating your university web page. Your post will be displayed on Central Today--both the web page ( and the daily email feed to subscribers.

How it works:

The event listings on Central Today now draw information directly from the 25live Academic and Event calendar, not every event within 25live. Only approved events will be added to the University Calendar (  It will also automatically be displayed in "Today's Events" and "Upcoming Events" here: Campys FYI posts (see below) do not tie into 25live, and 25live does not tie into Campys FYI.

Campus FYI (previously campus notices)
This section of Central Today is intended to make the campus community aware of events and information that affect university business: closures, outages, application deadlines, notices, new training opportunities, etc.

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