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Tips for Working from Home

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Folks, as you prepare to work from home, one of our goals in Information Security Services is to help you do so safely and securely. As such, we will be sharing key steps and tips on how you can work securely from home. At times Cybersecurity may seem overwhelming, however by following just some simple, basic steps you will go a long way to protecting yourself. In addition, everything you will be learning not only applies to work but will help protect your family and personal life, ultimately creating  a far more Cybersecure home for. The key topics we will be focusing on to help secure you are

  • Social Engineering: How to spot and stop social engineering attacks, such as those that happen over the email or the phone.
  • Home Network: Key steps to securing your home network.
  • Passwords: How to use passwords safely and securely.
  • Updating: How to make sure you are always using the latest and most current systems, applications and mobile apps.

Following just a few steps will go a tremendous way in securing workstation at home. If you have any questions about working securely at home or suggestions on how to improve our cyber security efforts,  please see             





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