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Tell your story: ONLY 2 MORE Information Sessions about "Hidden Voices"

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Mon, 02/08/2021
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Dear Faculty, Staff, and Community Members of Color,


In her talk of the same title, Chimamanda Adichie warns us of the "dangers of the single story." Single stories, the narratives that mainstream culture repeats about marginalized people, affects how we view and treat ourselves and each other. They misrepresent our truths, our hearts, and our complexity. To combat these single stories, we must tell, see, and hear a diversity of narratives that replace tired tropes and stereotypes with respect and nuance. Will you share your stories with us?


What are we asking: We are asking you as a member of the Ellensburg and/or CWU community to share your stories and experiences through monologue, poetry, or song. You will do the writing, CWU students will do the performing.


What does that look like: You can enter into this project at any level and with different levels of commitment. You may already have a poem written. Awesome, let us know how you'd like us to include it! You may have never written anything creative in your life. Fantastic; what an exciting opportunity to explore your ideas! We can work together to craft your story into the piece you want. Your stories will shape not only the content of the performance, it will also shape its presentation. Concerns about anonymity or confidentiality are important to us, we have ideas about ways to protect your privacy.


Who are we: Sigrid Davison is a multiracial 1st generation Colombiana Latina and an associate director in the Office of Inclusivity and Diversity. She wants to honor and celebrate the hidden voices and experiences of our communities; she asks, “how can I help you take risks and the brave step to tell your story?”


Teresa Francis Divine is a Black Puerto Rican from the Bronx and an associate professor in the Department of Law and Justice.  I want to help create a safe space for all faculty and staff of color to share their stories and be their authentic selves.


Natashia Lindsey (she/her) is a 1st generation white assistant professor of Theatre and Africana and Black studies. She is offering support to the project as a theatre artist; she asks, "How can I help you tell your stories?"


The truth: We don't have all the answers, only an excitement and passion for making space for your stories.


How do I find out more: Come meet us and each other. These are low stakes meetings to get to know each other and see who wants to be involved. You don't have to come with anything other than your interest. Contact any of us with the day/time you would like to attend and we will forward to you a calendar invite;,,


Information and Q&A Sessions: We look forward to meeting you and fostering your stories.

  • Tuesday Feb 23rd, 6-7pm
  • Thursday Feb 25th, 11am-12pm







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