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Rapid Time Entry Training

Are you a staff member who is new to the Rapid Time Entry process?

Perhaps you have recently been assigned as the back-up person to the primary timekeeper in your department.

Perhaps you ARE the primary timekeeper in your department.

Whatever the case may be, check out the next couple of Rapid Time Entry classes available to those responsible for time entry (formerly Payroll 101 – Entering Payroll Information):

  • Please note that July 1st is a day that Rapid Time Entry will be open. The trainer will be unavailable for training on that day, though.
  • RTE 101 – Entering Time into the HRMS System (7/16, time to be arranged upon request)

Class locations will be verified at the time of registration. A class schedule, description and a registration form can be found online at

If you are new to your position, please ensure that your supervisor has requested the appropriate HRMS access for you at least a week prior to the date of the desired class.

The HRMS access form may be located at the following URL:

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