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Radical Beauty Exhibit and Student Art Show, April 21-24, SURC 137A-B

Women's and Gender Studies minors Cay Collins, Zach Dozier, Kevan Gardner, and Shaila Sheely have created this exhibit, with  help from other students interested in gender and beauty. In Kevan Gardner’s words, the  exhibit “will deconstruct present US beauty standards, broadly defined as all cultural  expectations of physical presentation. We will critique beauty standards, examining how  they are influenced by sexism, racism, and ageism, and propelled by a consumerist society.  In doing so, we will uncover the negative impacts that these stands have individually and  collectively, and leave the viewer with tools to rework and resist these standards.” The  exhibit will include a juried student art show. The exhibit has been made possible by  generous support from the Pride Foundation.

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