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First Annual Computer Roundup

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Effective stewardship of university resources requires periodic inventory of CWU’s assets.  To this end, Information Services will conduct a blind physical inventory of all computers.

The Computer Roundup Team will visit all CWU buildings and systematically collect the following data about each machine:

  • Asset Tag Number
  • Building
  • Suite/Room/Office #
  • Department/Program Name
  • Computer Type (Mac or PC)
  • Device Type (Desktop or Mobile)
  • In use?
  • Computer serial #
  • Primary computer?
  • Last name of primary user
  • First name of primary user

If your CWU computer is not on-site at the time of the inventory, please collect the information noted above and send it to

To expedite the process, please use a post-it note to mark any personal (not owned by CWU) computers, laptops, or tablets.

This week and next, the Computer Roundup team will be working in the following buildings:

  • 412 N Main Street
  • Aviation
  • Barge
  • Barto
  • Dining Storage
  • Duplicating
  • ECLC
  • Munson
  • Nicho9lson
  • Psychology
  • Public Safety
  • Science I, II

Questions?  Please contact the Service Desk at x2001.





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