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Fee Request Process

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Thu, 01/10/2019

January is the time to submit requests for creating, adjusting or ending a fee. This also includes any changes to curriculum or pre-fixes that had an existing fee, program and self-support fees.

This year we are implementing an electronic process for adding or updating course fees. Moving to an electronic submittal and storage solution will support the implementing and tracking of fee changes, ensure we have one source for the information, and provide visibility to end users.

The new process is scheduled to be live January 17th. The on-line process will be used for any updates or changes to course related fees. Mandatory, program and other fees will still utilize the paper form until the electronic version is ready later in the year. The navigation to the on-line form for course fees is: MyCWU > Campus Solutions > Student Records > Add Course Fee OR Update Course Fee

The established deadline for fee requests is January 31st.  Due to the delayed availability of the form and to allow end users time to adjust to the new process, we will be extending this year’s deadline to February 15th. We will be hosting a lab for end users to come and submit their requests with help available. The dates, time and location are listed below.

     Tuesday January 22nd – 2-4: Shaw 212
     Tuesday January 29th – 2-4. Shaw 212
     Thursday January 31st – 2-4. Shaw 212
     Monday February 4th – 3-5. Shaw 212
     Wednesday February 6th - 3-5. Samuelson 170
     Friday February 8th – 3-5. Shaw 212
     Tuesday February 12th – 1-3. Shaw 212
     Thursday February 14th – 2-4. Samuelson 170

We recommend that you review the updated fee template on the Provost’s website. The updated template contains the majority of the information requested through the online process. This will help to prepare for submitting requests online.

If you have a non-course fee request to submit, please use the form posted on the Provost’s website or follow this link: You do not need to wait to submit form requests.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your fee request, please contact John Logwood or Sharon Jonassen.





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