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Faculty and Staff Account Information: Please Read

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Last week Student Accounts sent a “New Account Activity Notice” email to everyone on campus whose account has had recent new activity. The email went to faculty and staff as well as students, and it brought up a number of questions from faculty and staff, so we wanted to provide some account information.


Your campus account is administered by the Student Accounts Office—there is no separate office for faculty and staff accounts. When you purchase a parking permit or a Rec Center membership [these are common examples of faculty/staff account charges], the charges are placed on your account. This is true even when your charges have been set up to be paid with payroll deduction. When your charge is going to be paid with payroll deduction, the due date of the charge is set for a future date so it can be paid in full over time with your biweekly payroll deductions. It sometimes happens that faculty and staff accounts have a charge on payroll deduction and then subsequently have another, non-payroll deduction charge placed on their account. One example of that would be someone with ECLC contract charges (paid with payroll deduction) who later has a parking ticket charge (not on payroll deduction) placed on the account. Any charge not on payroll deduction is due in roughly 30 days, and after a charge is 30 days or more past due, it is subject to the monthly 1% interest charge.


We are sending monthly account statements (via email) to faculty and staff even if the only charge(s) on the account are being paid with payroll deduction. We are sending the statements for two reasons: 1) some faculty/staff wanted to see their charge(s) being decreased by their payroll deductions and 2) The possibility that an account could have non-payroll deduction charges placed on it. If we did not send statements, faculty and staff could be unaware of any non-payroll deduction charges.


To see your account through your MyCWU login, follow this path: Main Menu>Campus Solutions>Self Service>Campus Finances>Account Inquiry. If you have a charge that is not set up for payroll deduction, you can make a payment for the charge at the Cashiers Office in Barge Hall Rm 104 or online through this path: Main Menu>Campus Solutions>Self Service>Campus Finances>Make a Payment. If you have any questions about your account, please contact Student Accounts at or (509) 963-3546.





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