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Campus Notices

Departmental Inventories

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Tue, 05/21/2019

To All Depts,


As a friendly reminder, departmental inventories once completed, need to be returned to the Asset Mgmnt dept at Mailstop 7524. If you find that you need additional time in reconciling your inventory please call our dept office at ext 2157.

Dept's are ALWAYS ENCOURAGED in making copies of their returned inventory. Dept's should also make copies of the  CWU Transfer Forms of ANY EQUIPMENT that has been removed & or added from that department(s). Original CWU Transfers Forms with all signatures/dates should also be forwarded on to the Asset Mgmnt office at Mailstop 7524.

If any department finds that they may have an asset that has possibly been lost or stolen please contact Dave Moffatt in the Asset Mgmnt office at ext. 2157.

The Asset Mgmnt office appreciates all time expensed & efforts in completing these important bi-yearly inventories!







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