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CWU Surplus/Move Out Sale

To All,

The CWU Surplus Whse will be conducting a public surplus sale consisting of alot of items which students "left behind on move outs/ don't waste,donate" campaign. Proceeds from these items sold will go to the local FISH Food Bank/Shelter! Items are: misc furniture, housewares, electronics, clothes, shoes, etc...

Other items included in this DON'T MISS SALE are: 2011 Ford Fusion, 1984 Dodge Van, Apple Computers, Oak Furniture, Housewares, Throw Rugs, Food Prep Eq, Non-Ferrous Metals, Data Projectors, Wire/Wood Fencing, Welding Supplies, Laptop Computers, Tires, Aquariums, Camping Gear, Stereo Items, Skateboard, Smart board, Office Chairs, Jewelry, Shrink Wrapping Machine, Futon Mattress, Wood Pallets, and much more!

Fixed Price Items Included: Ext. Lights, Desks, Office Supplies, Paint, Fire Extinguishers, Water Bottles, VHS Movies, Hats/Gloves/Scarves, Computer Speakers, Water Pitchers, Plastic Buckets, Computer Workstation Tables, Computer & A/V Cables, TV's, Adding Machines, and much more!

Sale times are: Thursday & Friday from 10AM-4PM and Saturday, 9AM-3PM. The CWU Surplus Warehouse is located at 14th & "B" Street across from the Mercer Creek Church. Hope to see many "bargain hunters" out for this worth while sale!!!

Dave Moffatt/Jason Bakeman

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