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COVID Vaccine Leave Available for Employees

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As President Gaudino announced in his March 17 address, CWU is pleased to offer employees paid leave to receive COVID vaccines. We encourage supervisors to flex exempt employee schedules as appropriate.

Classified and Overtime-Eligible Exempt Employees:
Work with your supervisor to flex your schedule or submit up to one hour of Miscellaneous Leave per COVID vaccine. Let your supervisor know as soon as you’ve scheduled an appointment.

How to Enter Leave

· Select “Miscellaneous Leave” from “Absence Name” drop down

· Select “COVID Vaccine” from “Reason” drop down

If vaccination time exceeds one hour, submit other applicable leave (sick, vacation, comp time).


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: What if an employee has already been vaccinated?
A: Contact Payroll at to request a retroactive adjustment to leave.

Q: What leave should be submitted if an employee becomes sick from the vaccine?
A: Employee may use other applicable leave (sick, vacation, comp time).

Q: What if an employee is on the vaccination call back list and wants to leave work with limited notice?
A: Employees should discuss with their supervisor and plan accordingly.

Q: Do exempt employees receive the COVID Vaccine Leave?
A: Exempt employees are not required to submit leave for a short absence to receive the COVID vaccine. Discuss schedule flexibility with your supervisor if needed.

Q: Do temps and students receive the COVID Vaccine Leave?
A: Temps and students are not eligible for the COVID Vaccine Leave. Supervisors may flex time or allow use of available sick leave if appropriate.

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