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COACHE Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey

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A few days ago, about 400 faculty (tenured, tenure-track, and FT non-tenure track) were sent an invitation to participate in the COACHE Survey of Faculty Job Satisfaction. This survey is designed to enhance the university's understanding about  the collective experience as a faculty member at CWU. 
As part of the working group assigned to this task, I want you to understand that we are fully committed to using this data to improve the workplace for faculty. The survey is only the first step in a three-year process designed to transform data into actionable policies and practices.

Other institutions have used COACHE data to identify areas of strength and concern related to policies and practices. COACHE works with participating institutions to disseminate the results to faculty. Then, we will identify best practices for improving on our weaknesses and leveraging our strengths.  When the results are in hand, we plan to share the findings broadly and work with faculty to build a concrete action plan. In other words, these results will not just sit on a shelf.

If you have already completed the survey, please accept my sincere thanks.  If you have not completed the survey, I hope you will do so as soon as possible. Please be assured, the instrument is designed to be completed by most faculty within 25 minutes. I hope you will complete the survey as soon as possible.

Eric Cheney, Faculty Senate Chair





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