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Budget Summit 2021 - Budget Allocation Requests Survey (Survey Closes April 9th)

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Wed, 03/31/2021

You are invited to participate in the annual process for non-college divisions to request additional Fund 149 (State/Tuition) funding for FY22 and beyond.  All faculty, staff, and members of the executive council of student government are encouraged to participate in advising the President on new funding requests by participating in this campus wide survey.


This survey will be available to you from March 18th through April 9th and can be found on the Budget Summit 2021 website entitled “Budget Allocation Request Feedback Survey”.   The survey is designed so that you will be able to return to the survey to edit your responses until the survey closes and to be submitted only once.   Each budget owner had the option to provide a 5-8 minute video presentation of their request.  These videos are also posted on the Budget Summit 2021 website.


The results of the survey will then be used in the Budget Allocation Subcommittee’s recommendation to PBAC and then onto the President for his determination.  The Board of Trustees will adopt the final FY22 budget this summer.


This year Budget Allocation Requests have been submitted in three categories of requests:

1. New: Some units are requesting that new funds be added to their FY22 budget for brand new positions, programming, or expenses.


2. Reinstate: Due to the elimination of funding of any vacant position last spring, there are several units requesting to reinstate funding for these positions in their FY22 budget.


3. Reallocate: An option available to the President is to approve one or more funding requests and specify the reallocating of existing funds within the Division(s) FY22 budget for the purposes of funding these requests.  That is, the funds are shifted from one or more units to another.  The funding request to support a Computer Replacement Fund is an example of one such budget request.


In addition, to the Budget Allocation Requests and associated videos, each unit has also submitted a Budget Report and Core Theme Distribution Report.  These reports are now posted on the Budget Summit 2021 website as well for your review. 


The upcoming 2021 Budget Summits will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, April 28th and 29th, 2021. Selected Division VPs will present an in-depth overview of their division's budget.  This year’s presenters will be the President’s Division, Business and Financial Affairs, Academic and Student Life as well as the four academic colleges: College of the Sciences, College of Arts and Humanities, College of Business and the College of Education and Professional Studies.






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