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Announcing ScholarWorks, CWU's new institutional repository

What is ScholarWorks?

Administered by Brooks Library, ScholarWorks is Central Washington University’s new institutional repository, a place where the community’s collective scholarly and creative output can be preserved and shared with the general public. ScholarWorks makes the work created at Central Washington University accessible to a worldwide audience.

Where can I find ScholarWorks?

You can find it at

Who can use ScholarWorks?

Anyone affiliated with Central Washington University, including students, faculty, staff, and university partners can submit materials to the repository. Anyone with Internet access can view materials in the repository.

What types of work can be included in ScholarWorks?

Faculty Scholarship and Creative Works: journal articles, book chapters, research reports, conference presentations, and more.

Student Scholarship and Creative Works: master's theses, capstone projects, culminating projects, and more.

Community Projects: oral histories, historical images, video footage, artwork, documents of value to the local community.

Archival Collections: historical images, oral histories, video footage, artwork, documents of value to Central Washington University and the surrounding region.

Journals: serial publications, magazines, peer-reviewed journals, textbooks, and scholarly books edited by or affiliated with Central Washington University.

Conferences and Events: conference schedules, papers, abstracts, and video footage documenting conferences affiliated with Central Washington University.

Why participate in ScholarWorks?

Nearly everything in ScholarWorks is freely accessible to the general public and searchable via Google and other search engines. By including your work in ScholarWorks, you can reach a worldwide audience with your research and ideas. You increase your chances of being cited by participating in the repository, and you also provide a service to the general public by sharing your ideas.

How can I participate in ScholarWorks?

If you are interested in including your work in the repository, please contact Talea Anderson at or 509-963-1718.

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