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25Live is Going PRO!

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CollegeNET has recently expanded their server capabilities, and have moved into the big leagues.  That’s right, 25Live has gone PRO!  25Live PRO is upgraded software, designed to improve utilization of our scheduling database.  Scheduling Services has been using the software since early January 2019 to better serve the campus community during introduction and transition.

As change can be intimidating when not managed properly, we will complete the transition gradually.  The intent is for event schedulers to phase out 25Live classic within the next academic year – but it does not have to happen all at once.  Therefore, no system downtimes!

The following outlines some challenges and benefits for this change:

- Graphical User Interface has changed – this means it looks and feels different.  The tabs have gone away, and the buttons have moved.
- Refresher training will be needed in order to gain the full benefits of the system upgrade.

- System response time is SO MUCH FASTER! – No more click and wait, and wait, and wait…
- Advanced searching capability and report efficiencies – this means 25Live Pro is a better tool for data collection and analysis.
- Improved mobile compatibility – 25Live Pro has improved user interface for mobile devices, and opens up scheduling capabilities for programmers.  Users can search room availability, create an event, and request space and resources – all from their smart phones or tablets.
- Scheduling Services offers 1-to-1 training to help users become comfortable navigating in the new system environment.  We promise not to throw anyone into the deep end, without first making sure they can float.

Since we are able to operate our event scheduling environment with both 25Live Pro and 25Live classic in tandem, the transition will not interrupt normal scheduling operations.  At first, most users will not even notice a change – until they are provided with a new web link.  However, all new users will be trained to use 25Live Pro moving forward.  We intend to adjust all web pages and other digital materials to link to 25Live PRO by the end of FY20.

We invite all power users, innovators, and early adopters with interest in transitioning to reach out for training at this time.  Our office is located in the Student Union – SURC146 – Open Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm.  Phone: (509) 963 – 1321.

Scheduling Services serves the campus by helping everyone schedule events like a PRO!





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