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“Point of View” Law and Justice summer series continues

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Thu, 07/16/2020
Event Time: 
7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
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The CWU Department of Law and Justice summer “Point of View” series, “Hidden Colors and Rules of Racism,” continues on Thursday, July 16 with an interactive panel presentation by three experts from King County Civil Rights Program, Office of Equity and Social Justice, and the Office of the King County Executive. They will discuss the country’s law and justice systems.


Chris BhangChristopher Bhang will lead the panel. He is King County’s Civil Rights Program Manager, where he enforces the county’s anti-discrimination ordinances and manages its equity programs. 


The event will be held, via Zoom, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. The series is designed for CWU students, friends, family, and the community. 


“The overall goal of the series is to study, learn, collaborate, and develop strategies for change within the law and justice systems that participating students will present at two community awareness events in October and November,” said Christine Henderson, CWU Law and Justice lecturer.


The series was conceived and developed by students in the Westside/Online Law and Justice Club, including Jannice Cebreros, president; Alexis Sue Graf, vice president; and Veronica Salas, secretary. All three are majoring in law and justice at CWU-Lynnwood.


“The King County Office of Equity and Social Justice would like our students to collaborate with them on a long-term basis and continue to work for strategies for change with regard to systemic racism in the law and justice systems,” Henderson added. “We have now developed a long-term relationship and opportunity for our students.”






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