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Dare To Dream

Dare to Dream 


About Dare to Dream: 

The CWU CAMP program partners with the Washington state MEP to deliver services to 150 priority for service students from various high schools around the state. This event takes place in June and is a full week of learning and fun! The participants and mentors, who are hired CWU employees, all live on campus for the week and interact daily as they follow a set curriculum designed to inform and educate on a variety of topics.

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Mentor Testimonials:


Araceli Suarez 

Assistant Coordinator

"Most memorable expereince of Dare to Dream is seeing the whole event come together and seeing it pay off. Being able to see students enjoy the week is rewarding for coordinators, staff, students, and mentors."

Eunice Perez

Previous Mentor 

"For many students this is their first time seeing a college campus or a university which opens their mind to achieve higher goals. They’re exposed to many opportunities and they leave with a mindset that they can purse whatever they want to be."

MC Castenada

Previous Mentor

"Being a mentor is impactful for both mentors and participants because you get to see more about yourself and learn about yourself. It is impactful for both, it shows that education is doable."

MJ Castenada

Previous Mentor

"Dare to dream takes a lot of time and effort, however you get to grow as an individual and it is very rewarding."


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