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College of Business

Academic Planning Schedules

Below are the tentative offerings for our programs at all of our locations. Select the planning schedule for your campus to see the planned offerings. These schedules include classes that have reserved seats for your location.

Please be aware that these represent our planned offerings, but changes could occur. Please have your academic plan reviewed by your College of Business advisor.

In Person: Indicates we plan that the class will be offered at the location. May be hybrid.

Online: Class is fully online via Canvas

Mode of Offering Unknown- Indicates we plan to offer the class, but are unsure if it will be in person or online.

For Students Attending the Ellensburg Campus: Academic Planning Schedule- Ellensburg

Updated September 11th, 2020

For Students Attending the Des Moines Campus: Academic Planning Schedule- Des Moines

Updated September 11th, 2020

For Students Attending the Lynnwood Campus: Academic Planning Schedule- Lynnwood

Updated September 11th, 2020

For Students Attending the Pierce/JBLM Campuses: Academic Planning Schedule- Pierce/JBLM

Updated September 11th, 2020

For Students Admitted and Enrolled in College of Business Online Business Administration Programs (these programs require special admission):

Academic Planning Schedule- Online Major

Updated September 11th, 2020

Approved General Business Elective Offerings for the Online General Business program

Accounting Graduate Certificate Offerings

Updated September 10, 2019


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