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College of Business

Students Attend WIBLI Luncheon

Thursday, February 22nd, 2018 College of Business students attended the Women in Business Leadership Initiative Luncheon held at the Microsoft Event Center in Seattle. This event is one in a series of events put on by the Seattle Chamber of Commerce that focuses on highlighting strong women in business and strives to create connections to build a better community.

Students enjoyed pasta and salad for lunch as they introduced themselves to their table mates and made small talk. After lunch, everyone formed groups of 7-10 people to discuss the challenges of being women in the workplace. Following the theme of “mentorships”, students and professionals discussed questions such as, “What are the benefits of same gender mentor relationships?” and “What are some good examples of mentor/mentee relationships?”

At the end of the event business cards were passed around and students left with a handful of connections that will help them in their professional and personal lives after graduation. College of Business student Maria Sanchez stated that, “Attending the WIBLI luncheon was a great opportunity with women who have faced struggles in the workforce and have overcome them in order to grow.”

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